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You Should Experience Why Is India Called Bharat? At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why

Story of King Bharat | The real history of India

You Should Experience Why Is India Called Bharat? At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why
Why is India called Bharat

The real history behind why is India called Bharat?

India is the land of our ancestors. It is also our spiritual land. The original and ancient name of India is Bharata. Do you know how our spiritual land got its name "Bharat"?

There lived a great and brave king whose name was Bharat. Our spiritual land India was named after him. There is a wonderful story about the birth of King Bharata. 

Bharata was the son of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala. Dushyanta was the king of Hastinapur and the ancestor of the Kauravas-Pandavas. Once while hunting in the forest, he saw a beautiful woman named Shakuntala. Both fell in love with each other and both of them got married to Gandharva. After a few days, a soldier came from the kingdom and told some news, due to which King Dushyanta had to leave for his kingdom. He promised Shakuntala that he would come later and take her to his kingdom, Hastinapur. 

Once Durvasha Rishi was going through the forest, and he saw a hut on the way which looked like a sage. When they entered that hut, Shakuntala was alone and she was lost in the thoughts of King Dushyanta, she did not notice the arrival of the sage and could not bear the humiliation of the sage for not paying any attention to his arrival. He immediately cursed Shakuntala that he would forget her in whose thoughts he was lost. Shakuntala apologized to the sage for his mistake, seeing this, the sage's anger cooled and he left the ashram saying that he could not take back his curse but when the right time came, he (Maharaj) would remember everything.  

King Dushyanta completely forgot Shakuntala. Many days passed, but when Shakuntala did not receive any message from the king, she went to Hastinapur to meet the king. He could not even recognize Shakuntala, after that Shakuntala became sad and disappointed and started living with Rishi Maricha in his ashram. Here she gave birth to a son named Bharata. He was a very brave child. He was not afraid of anyone. Bharat used to play with the lion cubs every day. 

King Bharat Play with Lion Cubs In Childhood

King Dushyanta had forgotten his wife Shakuntala and did not know that he also had a son. Once, Hastinapur Naresh Maharaj Dushyant was passing through the ashram while playing hunting in the forest, when he saw a little boy playing with lions. The boy opened the lion's jaws with his hands and said, "O king of the jungle! Open your mouth so that I can count your teeth”, Maharaj Dushyant was very surprised to see such bravery of the child. 

Later Shakuntala and the sage came there and Maharaj Dushyant came to know from them that Bharata was his son. Hearing this, the king remembered all the words he had forgotten and he was very happy that Bharat is his son. On hearing this, he did not delay in embracing his son with love. Maharaj Dushyanta took Shakuntala and Bharat with him to Hastinapur. Later Bharata developed into a great Chakravarti emperor. 

The name of our country "Bharat" is derived from his name "Bharata", because Emperor Bharata had increased the boundaries of his kingdom so much that there was no other state other than his kingdom, all were subordinate states within his kingdom. Everyone should remembers our nation's Chakravarti Emperor Bharata for his bravery.


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