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Origin of Tea | Afternoon Tea History 🍡

History of Tea

Origin of Tea | Afternoon Tea History 🍡


Tea is one of the most popular drinks today. There are many types of tastes and colors. Drinking tea plays a different role in cultures around the world. In some countries, it has become an important social activity. While in others, it has become a tradition. Let's go and explore the world of tea.


Origin of Tea

The Beginnings the legend of tea began about 4,700 years ago in China. Emperor Shen Nong was traveling to a remote area of ​​China. While he was waiting for his water to boil, a leaf of a wild tea tree fell on him. The leaf turned water brown, but the emperor still drank it. It tasted good and the idea of drinking tea began. Tea on the Move, China was the first major producer of tea.

In the 8th century, monks took seeds of the tea plant to Japan. There, the growing and drinking of tea became popular. In the 16th century, traders and missionaries who had traveled to Asia took tea back to Europe. Holland became the first European country to improve the taste of tea. Next, people in France and Germany began to drink it. However, in the 17th century, tea became very popular when it reached England.


Afternoon Tea History

At first, tea was a drink for the rich, but as it became cheaper, it was enjoyed by all. A Tradition of Tea also developed with the drinking of tea. In England, a lady of nobility started the tradition of "Afternoon Tea". In those days, dinner was eaten late. The drinking of tea with some food stopped her from feeling hungry. Soon, she started inviting other ladies to join her in the afternoon. Meeting with friends has become an important part of "afternoon tea".


How is Tea Drunk?

Growing Tea As tea became popular around the world; more countries began to grow it. Major tea-producing areas are China, India, and Sri Lanka. The most common varieties of tea are black, green, and oolong. They all come from the same tea plant but are processed differently. How is Tea Drunk? Tea is usually drunk hot.

Black tea can be served plain, but sometimes milk, sugar, or lemon is added to it. In some countries such as India, spices are used to make "Masala Tea". In Egypt, sugar and mint leaves are used to make traditional tea. People in Russia, like their tea sweet and use jam or honey. Green tea and oolong tea are traditionally drunk without adding anything. They can also be drunk cold.

Iced Tea has become a popular beverage in many lands, especially during the hot summer months. Cold tea is said to have been accidentally made. At the 1904 world's fair in St. Louis USA, a trader was preparing hot tea samples. There was little interest in his tea because the weather was so hot. Without thinking, he put ice into his hot tea, and so the idea of iced tea was born.



The Future of Tea With each new generation of tea drinkers and as more people travel the world. New combinations of tea drinks are being made. Herbal teas have also become popular. Sometimes they are mixed with fruit and spices. Research today has also shown that some types of tea, like green tea, are very good for you. Hope you like the article, share it on social media platforms, and never forget to subscribe to milliondollarknowledge.com for future updates.


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