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Osho million dollar quotes in English 2022

Osho quotes on life - quotes on happiness - quotes on love - quotes on success - quotes on friendship - quotes on time - quotes on meditation

Osho quotes all in One, Osho quotes in English
Osho quotes in English

"We - don't try to become."

"Life begins where fear ends."

"You cannot find peace by escaping life."

"Awareness functions almost like magic."

"Truth is one for all, lie is different for all."

"Whomever we love, that is what we suffer."

"Tomorrow never comes, it is always today."

"Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence."

"Mind is a beautiful servant, a dangerous master."

"The fool laughs at others, the wise at themselves."

"The greed for happiness gives birth to new sorrows."

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Osho quotes all in One, Osho quotes in English
Osho quotes on life

"The crowd likes those who are like them, not the unique."

"Giving happiness is the very essence of getting happiness."

"A few moments of silence is the first condition of meditation."

"There is no one here, it is so true, never fight with it, accept it."

"Where both silence and language are 'lost', that is meditation."

"No one else can wake you up, only you can wake you up."

"Only laughter makes a man rich but the laughter has to be blissful."

"The hypocrisy of one generation becomes the tradition of the next."

"Desire does not allow a man to live; human desire never lets him die."

"Be a lotus flower, be in the water, and do not let the water touch you."

Osho quotes all in One, Osho quotes in English
Osho quotes on happiness

"Discipline means creating an order within you, as you are, you are a chaos."

"Life has become hell because we all want love, no one knows to give."

"God is known through knowledge, God becomes known through love."

"There is a lot of beauty in simplicity; what is simple is closer to the truth."

"Whether the habits are good or bad, do not be a slave, and be the master."

"Life is not a tragedy, it is a comedy, to be alive is to have a sense of humor."

"A woman is to be loved, not understood, that is the first understanding."

"Every breath of a man is leading him to death, and he understands that he is living."

"Love is happy when it can give something, ego is happy when it can take something."

"If a man gathers enough courage to surrender, then God takes him under his control."

Osho quotes all in One, Osho quotes in English
Osho quotes on friendship

"Everyone keeps thinking within himself that he is right and everyone else is wrong."

"Love should be engaged in deeds, love does not happen by saying love-love with the mouth."

"We want to know the truth but don't want to live because it is easy to know but difficult to live."

"Learn to spread your wings in the world because you cannot fly with the help of others' wings."

"Don't walk the way fear drives you, walk the way love drives you, walk as happiness drives you."

"Even if they can find a lover they demand perfection and the love is destroyed because of that demand."

"Give eyes to the blind, there is no big secret in this, the real secret is to give the art of seeing to the blind."

"If there is meditation, then life is the truth, if there is meditation, then there is renunciation in the householder also."

"If you can understand then understand the confusion of life, the questions are not as many as the answers."

"Read the sky because it is the scripture; listen to zero because it is the mantra, live death because it is the nectar."

Osho quotes all in One, Osho quotes in English
Osho quotes on friendship

"As you become more aware the desires disappear, when the awareness is 100% then there is no longer any desire."

"Love has no definition, love is taste, if someone defines taste, how to do it? Love is an experience, it is known only by living."

"Don't be unnecessarily burdened by the past, close the lesson you have read, there is no need to go over it again and again."

"If I am sitting in the tavern, then do not consider me a drunkard, not every person who comes out of the mosque is a prayer."

"When you love, love as if the person is a god, not less than that; ever love a woman as a woman and never love a man as a man."

"If you want peace on earth, create peace in your heart, in your being; that is the right place, to begin with, and then spread."

"The destinations are very stubborn, where they are achieved by luck, but there the storms also lose where the boats are stubborn."

"Keep in mind that you have to come alone and go alone, so in between these few days do not fill yourself too much with the crowd."

"There is no conflict between silence and compassion, silence generates compassion, a compassionate person gradually goes on becoming silent."

"Be your lamp, be your boater, don't lean on someone else's shoulder; if you eat yourself, your hunger will be satisfied, if you drink yourself, your thirst will be satisfied."

Osho quotes all in One, Osho quotes in English
Osho quotes on happiness

"That person is happy even by being alone he deserves to be called a person, if your happiness depends on others, then you are a slave, you are not completely free now, now you are in bondage."

"Love is the experience of those whose lust has fallen from their eyes, those who have seen beauty; who have experienced its dance everywhere, who hear the footsteps of God everywhere, then love emerges."

"Today there is no need for religion, there is a need for righteousness and a religious person is the one who helps others who understand him, by going to a temple, mosque, a person does not become religious."

"The disrespect of God is not in the fact that you did not go to the temple, but in the fact that even after going to the temple, you came back asking for the things of the world; you did not ask for that which destroys all the demands."

"If it is not enjoyed, then the meaning of renunciation will not be understood, what is the meaning in renunciation? It is the experience of the enjoyment that makes sense in renunciation. Whoever has not seen the darkness, will be able to recognize the light?"

"Love is not bondage and the love that is bondage is not love. Love is the declaration of freedom, love is not a prison, it is an open sky where there is bondage, knowing that there will be nothing else is not love. Where there is liberation, where there is liberation, knowing that there is love."


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