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Latest news: Russia unveils 'White Swan' strategic missile bomber

Russia unveils 'White Swan' strategic missile bomber

Russia unveils 'White Swan' strategic missile bomber
Russia unveils 'White Swan' strategic missile bomber

Russia unveils 'White Swan' strategic missile bomber


Recently Russia's defense hair unveiled the new Tupolev Tu-160M ​​strategic missile bomber.

The bomber, known as the 'White Swan', was unveiled at a time when Russia-NATO tensions were at their peak due to the Ukraine crisis.

According to reports, along with the TU-95MS bombers, these planes are the backbone of Russia's long-range aircraft.

Russia claimed that specialists tested its general aircraft system and onboard radio-electronic equipment during the flight.

In the course of its flight, the specialists also checked the operation of its NK-32-02 new engines.

In 2020, the US-based Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine listed Tu-160M among the world's most significant military aircraft.

Information about White Swan:

A supersonic bomber, the White Swan made its maiden flight from the Kazan Aviation Enterprise airport.

Flying for 30 minutes at an altitude of 600 meters, the bomb was designed to strike remote areas with nuclear and conventional weapons.

According to reports, the Tu-160M ​​is the world's heaviest supersonic military aircraft.

According to reports, Russia said that 80% of the bomber's equipment is upgraded and modernized.

The Tu-160 is a soviet and subsequently a Russian supersonic variable-sweep wing strategic missile-carrying bomber.


What is the Russian move amid NATO Moscow talks?

The latest development comes even as NATO and Russia continue to be divided over Ukraine; the US has been continuously pressing Russia to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border. NATO asserted that Russia would have no veto over Ukraine's entry into the European military alliance, US also warned that if Russia further invades Ukraine, there will be significant costs and consequences.

Recently Russia sought a guarantee from the west ruling out the introduction of new members like Ukraine, Georgia, or Finland to NATO. Moscow has also demanded limits on allied deployments in former soviet allies that joined NATO after the cold war.

The NATO allies warned Russia that they would not compromise on its right to defend its eastern members to avoid further conflict in Ukraine. Stoltenberg said that NATO allies have significant differences with Russia over its demands for new security rules in Europe.

However, NATO also said that they are ready to meet Kremlin envoys again and engage on substantive topics. The US said that the onus is on Russia to de-escalate tensions and give diplomacy a chance to succeed.


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