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Swami Vivekananda Quotes For Students

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - Swami Vivekananda. This profound quote by the eminent spiritual leader encapsulates his belief in the transformative power of knowledge for students.

Swami Vivekananda's teachings have served as a guiding light for generations, inspiring students to find their purpose, ignite their passions, and embrace a holistic approach towards education.

In this article, we delve into some of Swami Vivekananda's most inspiring quotes tailored specifically for students, aiming to unleash their potential, foster their growth, and empower them to become the architects of their destinies.

So, let us embark on a journey to explore these enlightening words of wisdom that have the potential to shape the students of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes For Students
Swami Vivekananda Quotes


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Swami Vivekananda quotes

"Fear is a sign of weakness."

"Nothing is impossible for you."

"He who has great thoughts is never alone."

"The bigger the struggle, the bigger it will be."

"You can't believe in God until you believe in yourself."

"Fear and unfulfilled desires are the roots of all misery."

"A good character is formed after a thousand stumbles."

"All knowledge is hidden in the concentration of the mind."

"Every thought that makes you strong must be embraced."

"The outer nature is only the greater form of the inner nature."

"The outer nature is only the greater form of the inner nature."

"We are what our thinking made us, so be mindful of what you think."

"The greatest religion is to be true to your nature, believe in yourself."

"Happiness is a priceless treasure; don't let it rob you of small things."

"Youth is the one who fights against immorality, stays away from evils."

"Aspiration, ignorance, and inequality, these are the trinity of bondage."

"Continuing to think holy, this is the only solution to suppress bad habits."

"Everyone must learn to obey before he acquires the ability to command."

"The fire that gives us heat can also destroy us, it is not the fault of the fire."

"Don't wait for someone else, whatever you do, never expect anything else."

"The secret of life is not in enjoyment but in getting education through experience."

"The secret of life is not in enjoyment but in getting education through experience."

"Leave as poison whatever makes you weak physically, intellectually, and spiritually."

"Well, we can say to find God if we can't see Him in our hearts and every living being."

"There is only one way to know the limits of the possible, to go beyond the impossible."

"The secret of life is not mere enjoyment and pleasure, but in learning through experience."

"The power of the mind is like the rays of the sun, when concentrated in one place, it shines."

"Someday if you don't face any problem, then you can be sure that you are on the wrong path."

"It is our mindset that creates the world, thoughts make things good and they make things worse."

"It is not necessary to have many relationships in life, but the relationships that exist must have life."

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"When a thought exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into a real physical or mental state."

"Let them think what the world thinks, keep your intentions strong; the world will one day be at your feet."

"Some true, honest, and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a crowd can do in a century."

"Don't lower your goals at the level of your abilities; instead raise your abilities to the heights of your goals."

"He is the coward who says this is luck, he is the strong one who stands up and says, I will make my destiny."

"Our country needs heroes, be a hero, you go on doing your duty, your followers will increase themselves."

"Anything that makes you weak physically, intellectually and spiritually, removes it from life immediately."

"Without ideals, discipline, dignity, diligence, honesty, and high human values, one's life cannot become great."

"Most of the people in the world fail because they do not know how to infuse courage on time, they get scared."

"Don't be afraid of anything, you will do wonderful things, it is fearlessness that brings ultimate bliss in a moment."

"All the powers of the universe are already ours, it is we who put our hands on our eyes and then weeps how dark it is."

"Don't ask anything, don't ask for anything in return, whatever you give, it will come back to you, but don't think about it now."

"The path of life is not made by making it, you have to make it yourself, and the one who made the path gets the same destination."

"I want the women of the country to earn knowledge and wisdom, but if I have to do it by sacrificing purity, then never do it."

"Youth is the one who is not the kind of things, but the one who shows it by doing, in which there is also the senses with enthusiasm."

"You have to grow from the inside out, no one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual, and there is no other guru except your soul."

"If believing in oneself had been made a more elaborately taught practice, I am sure that a great deal of evil and misery would have vanished."

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"The education by which we can build our life, become human, can form character and harmonize thoughts, that is what is worthy of being called education."

"Just as the streams originating from different sources add their water to the sea, similarly every path chosen by man, whether good or bad, leads to God."

"Do one thing at a time and while doing so put your whole soul into that work and forget everything else." "Keeping learning, stopping life is death."

"Shri Ramakrishna used to say that as long as I am alive, I will keep learning, the person or the society which has nothing to learn is already in the jaws of death."

"Concentration is necessary for reading, meditation is necessary for concentration; only through meditation can we attain concentration by keeping restraint on the senses."

"Concentration is necessary for reading, meditation is necessary for concentration; only through meditation can we attain concentration by keeping control over the senses."

"Take a thought, make that idea your life, live that idea. Let your brain, muscles, nerves, every part of the body be immersed in that thought and put aside all other thoughts that are the only way to be successful."

"Arise, my lion, destroy the illusion that you are weak, you are an immortal soul, a free-living being, blessed, eternal, you are not the element, nor the body, the element is your servant, you are not the servant of the element."


Final Thoughts

The quotes of Swami Vivekananda serve as a powerful source of inspiration and guidance for students. His wisdom and teachings encompass various aspects of life, including education, character development, and self-realization.

By incorporating these quotes into their daily lives, students can not only enhance their academic pursuits but also nurture their inner selves, leading to holistic growth and success.

Swami Vivekananda's words continue to resonate with students, reminding them of the importance of self-belief, perseverance, and the pursuit of knowledge.