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Hindu Mythology Why Mata Saraswati Cursed To Lord Bramha?

Hindu Mythology why Mata Saraswati Cursed to Lord Bramha?

Hindu Mythology: Why Mata Saraswati Cursed to Lord Bramha?
Why Mata Saraswati Cursed to Lord Bramha?


It is not only the humans but many a time, even gods included the supreme of all Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva are cursed for their actions. This is one such story when Bramha was cursed by none other than his wife goddess Saraswati who is renowned for her wisdom and knowledge.

The reason behind Mata Saraswati Cursed to Lord Bramha

According to the Padma Purana, once a few petals from the lotus of Bramha fell on earth. The places where these petals fell turned into beautiful lakes. When Bramha came down to earth to see the lakes, he named the region Pushkar. This resulted in three lakes being named Pushkar, Madhya Pushkar, and Kanishta Pushkar.

Bramha then decided to perform a sacrificial ceremony also known as Yagya to ensure the purity and goodness of the region. A Yagya is a ritual that a man cannot perform without his wife. So Bramha sent Narada to inform Saraswati to come to the Yagya at the earliest.

Saraswati could not reach the venue at the time designated as she was waiting for Lakshmi, Parvati, and Indrani to join her. Bramha was becoming impatient and could not wait for his wife much longer. In his haste, he married Gayatri and completed the Yagya with his new wife beside him.

Gayatri with a pot of Amrit in one hand and Ahuti for the fire in the other, helped Bramha complete his Yagya. When Saraswati finally arrived, she saw Gayatri sitting next to Bramha which was her rightful place. This made her furious and in her anger, she cursed Bramha that he would never be worshipped by anyone. But upon the advice of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, she reduced her curses and then allowed Bramha to be worshipped only in Pushkar.



That is why we have very limited temples dedicated to the creator of the world (Lord Bramha), with the most prominent one being in Pushkar. For more historical mythology subscribe to Million-$-Knowledge, and if you like this article then share it with your friends and family for awareness of Indian culture and spread historical knowledge.


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