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Bhakta Kannappa: Unveiling the Sacred Story of Devotion and Legends

Welcome to the intriguing tale of Bhakta Kannappa, an epitome of devotion and legends.

Journey with us as we delve into the mystic realms of this sacred story, unveiling the extraordinary display of unwavering faith and unfathomable love for the divine.

From the depths of history to the hearts of millions, discover the captivating narrative of Bhakta Kannappa and the remarkable devotee whose unwavering dedication transcended conventional bounds.

Get ready to be enthralled by the awe-inspiring accounts of devotion and the indelible mark left by this remarkable tale.

Bhakta Kannappa
Bhakta Kannappa Story


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The Life of Bhakta Kannappa | Bhakta Kannappa Story

Bhakta Kannappa, also known as Kannappa Nayanar, was a devout devotee of Lord Shiva. His story is an inspiring tale of unwavering faith and unparalleled devotion.

Kannappa was born into a humble family in the town of Udupi in present-day Karnataka, India. From a young age, he exhibited a deep sense of spirituality and a strong connection to Lord Shiva. As he grew older, his devotion only intensified, and he resolved to dedicate his life to serving the divine.

One day, Kannappa heard about the renowned Shiva temple in Srisailam, located in Andhra Pradesh, and decided to make a pilgrimage to the sacred site. Upon reaching the temple, he was overwhelmed by its divine presence and immediately felt a deep sense of belonging.

Kannappa discovered that the temple housed a sacred Lingam, which is an abstract representation of Lord Shiva. In a gesture of devotion, he decided to offer his services to the deity. He started to clean the temple premises, sweep the floors, and perform aarti (traditional ritual of offering light) with utmost dedication.

But Kannappa's devotion did not stop at mere service. He yearned to do something extraordinary to prove the sincerity of his love for Lord Shiva. Legend has it that he decided to offer his eyes to the deity as a symbol of his unwavering faith.

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One day, while Kannappa was standing before the Lingam, he noticed a stream of blood coming from one of the eyes of the deity. Without a second thought, he swiftly plucked out his eye and replaced it with the wounded eye of the Lord. He then observed that the blood ceased to flow, signifying his act of selfless devotion.

However, as Kannappa was about to pluck out his second eye, Lord Shiva appeared before him, deeply moved by his devotion. The Lord granted him a vision in both eyes and from that day on, Kannappa came to be known as Kannappa Nayanar, the one-eyed devotee.

The selflessness and dedication of Bhakta Kannappa touched the hearts of everyone who learned about his story. He became a revered figure in the Hindu faith, and devotees across generations have since looked up to him as a symbol of true devotion.

The life of Bhakta Kannappa serves as a reminder that devotion knows no bounds. His sacrifice and unwavering faith continue to inspire millions of people to this day, urging them to strive for a deep connection with the divine.



The story of Bhakta Kannappa serves as a powerful testament to unwavering devotion and selfless love.

Through his extraordinary acts of sacrifice and dedication, he not only embodied the essence of true devotion but also showcased the profound impact it can have on one's life, as well as the lives of others.

This sacred tale not only sheds light on the deep-rooted traditions and beliefs of the ancient culture but also serves as an inspiration for individuals seeking to cultivate their sense of faith and devotion in the face of adversity.

Bhakta Kannappa's legendary tale continues to captivate and inspire generations, reminding us of the limitless power of devotion and the potential for transcendence that lies within each of us.



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FAQs about Bhakta Kannappa

Is Bhakta Kannappa a real story?

Yes, definitely! it is.

Did Kannappa offer meat to Shiva?

Yes, Kannappa offered meat to Shiva. Lord Shiva is the creator and everything is contained in him.

Why did Kannappa gave eyes to Shiva?

Kannappa gave his eyes to Lord Shiva because of his devotion and love for him. The rest of the history is a bit long, to know in detail you will have to read my entire article.