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Which Vaccine is Better for Covid in India | Trusted Covid Vaccine Information

Hello friends, in today’s article, I will tell you about covid-19 vaccine. There may have many rumors about vaccination, so I will try to clear all that queries as possible. If you have any question than must comment below and share your valuable feedback.

Which Vaccine is Better
Which Vaccine is Better

Which Vaccine is Better?

When it comes to Covid-19 vaccination, you may be wondering one thing is the best vaccine? When you get the option, should you choose Covaxin or Covishield? Or should you wait for a Russian vaccine or made in US Pfizer? Which of these vaccines has the least side effects? I would like to clear up all your questions and doubts regarding the terms in this article. Let's start without wasting our time with the question about side effects.


Side Effects of Vaccine?

If we receive any vaccine then the vaccinated area may become slightly sore or swollen. This is known as local side effects and other types of side effects are Systemic Side Effects. This can include fever, headache, and many people feel tired. These last a few days and are ready. 

In Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines this has a side effect after the first dose, but there is a greater increase after the second dose. In the AstraZeneca vaccine, the side effects are higher than the first dose and few after the second dose. These are common side effects but there are rare side effects of vaccines.


What Percentages of People Suffer From Common Side Effects of Covid Vaccine?

As per reports, it's clear that 10-35% of people suffer from common side effects of vaccination. With AstraZeneca, it is clear that this combination of fever and headache, etc. one or two in five people can get this. Covishield's most serious and deadly effects, we do not know who it will affect, so there is no way to predict. If we come to Covaxin then the answer is don't know yet, millions of people have not yet received this vaccine. So, we don't know about it, it may explode in the future, but most ineffective vaccines are usually safe.


How Vaccine Work?

All vaccines can be divided into 3 categories. Depending on how they work information is as Below:


In the first stage there are ineffective vaccines, like Covaxin. The virus is produced in a lab and treated with chemicals to prevent it from working which means it does no harm to us. Here the virus is used as an inactive vaccine, this is how Covaxin works.

Covishield and Russian Sputnik-V

The second category is Viral Vector Vaccine, Covishield and Russian Sputnik-V both fall under this category. Let's take Covishield as an example to see what it contains. In Covishield, the Chimpanzee Adenovirus is taken. Adenovirus is the name of a viral family. The genetic code in the chimpanzee blood is replaced by the SARS-COV2 genetic code. SARS-COV2 is a virus that causes Covid-19. So the chimpanzee virus with the SARS-COV2 gene acts as a vaccine in our body.

Pfizer Vaccine and Moderna Vaccine:

Finally comes to the third phase of vaccines with mRNA vaccines, as a Pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccine. The SARS-COV2 virus that causes Covid-19. The red substances that come out of the ball-shaped substances are called Spike Proteins. mRNA is derived from Pricked Proteins and is used to create vaccines. The human body has DNA. Similarly, viruses have RNA, DNA strands twice as much and RNA is one rod. 

mRNA means Messenger RNA. mRNA is released from Spike Protein and acts as a vaccine in our body. So like mRNA vaccines, DNA vaccines, and Vectored vaccines all of this works by ensuring that the message reaches within the cells. Ordering it to make Spike Proteins. After reading this message, the cells make this protein. So both the Cellular and Humoral (anti-body mediated) antibodies are formed by them.


What is Viral Vector Vaccine?

Mosquitoes are often called vectors of dengue and malaria because these mosquitoes carry and transmit these diseases. Similarly, this chimpanzee virus acts as a vector. It enters our bodies and infects us with the SARS-COV2 genetic code so that our body builds antibodies against it. The Russian vaccine Sputnik-V is also a viral vaccine. But instead of Chimpanzee Adenovirus, it uses Human Adenovirus.


Which Covid Vaccine Should be Choose If Given an Option?

Another big question people ask is what vaccine should they choose when given a choice? Covaxin or Covishield or should they wait for Pfizer to arrive? Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will not come to India. If they come then that will be with donations that will be decided by the Government. So we had no choice. The only option would be Covishield and Covaxin. There will be no further vaccination until August or September. The Russian vaccine may come, but we do not know the number of doses to be taken by the Government. 

If we think about the pros and cons rather than we will have to take 2 doses of Covaxin for 4 different weeks. The effect of the vaccine will be after six weeks. All vaccinations will end and protection will begin. And the interim data we have seen so far has shown that there will be 81% protection. 

After taking only one dose of Covishield protection is around 70%. By taking a second dose, it is best to delay it as it works well. We know this because there have been several defense studies in the UK. therefore, takes time to get both Covishield doses due to the large duration, but we get some protection after the first dose and the first dose of Covaxin so far we do not know about the first dose because it has not been studied yet. 

Covishield data, we have seen very unusual side effects but on Covaxin, we do not know yet and nothing has happened again. This can be a comparison between the two. But obviously, people should take whatever they get. When we think about what vaccine we should take between Covishield and Covaxin, we should get whatever we find.


Is Covid Vaccine Safe For Kids?

Pfizer vaccine is 16 years and older and some vaccines are 18 or older. Now Pfizer and Moderna are testing children with vaccines and the results are good. When tested on the 12 years and above then they found that the vaccine is worked well. They are doing age studies. 

Screening for this vaccine for children aged two and six months will also be conducted. It is yet to be done but they will also have to be vaccinated. Even babies as young as these, even newborn babies. Newborn babies will not need it. Because we know that vaccinated or infected breastfeeding women transmit antibodies.


Who Should Not Take The Covid Vaccine?

Everyone should be vaccinated. There is only one objection to not being vaccinated that if you take the first dose that led to the reaction. After that, a second dose should not be taken. The reaction can be anaphylaxis or clotting or anything you can understand directly from the vaccine.

Can already ill or Unhealthy People take Covid Vaccine?

People who have had a transplant, arthritis, autoimmune disease, or who are using chemotherapy or chemotherapy completed everyone should be vaccinated. We need to keep in mind that immuno-compromised people who have been on chemotherapy or have been on long-term steroids need to be extra careful because their immune response will not work.


Can Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Women be vaccinated?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not be vaccinated, because vaccines have not been tested on them. After that, the CDC has provided guidelines that if you are a health worker and pregnant then you should discuss this with your health care provider. And then you have to decide whether you want to be vaccinated or not. 

Now we have the details of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that these vaccines have been given to 35,000+ pregnant women and no side effects have been seen so far. Therefore, it means that it is also safe for pregnant women. 

The information we have so far about women taking these vaccines during the second or third month delivering their babies without any problems.


What If Take the First Dose of Covid Vaccine and Affect by the Virus?

If you become infected, your symptoms will be much milder. Either there will be no symptoms or it will be mild, Wait a while and get a second dose. If the time has elapsed after recovery which can take a second dose. Our government recommends that after two weeks or more we should take a second dose. 

The second dose shall be taken two weeks or more after recovery. In my opinion, this period should be longer. In Covaxin, you have to wait 4 weeks or more and then Covishield waits 8-12 weeks. This is because if you want to turn the immune system as much as possible there should be this gap. If you get vaccinated while you are infected you should not be affected. 

If you have been tested for the virus and have an immunization appointment then wait a while before being vaccinated. Wait at least 4 weeks. Take the vaccine afterward. The WHO recommends that if there is a shortage of antiretroviral drugs, we can wait up to six months, as one round of infection protects us from six to six to seven months.

Approximately 80% protection if a person who has recovered from Covid-19 can better protect himself/herself than a vaccinated person. If anybody is infected and vaccinated both, that is very good protection. This is a combination and we may not even need a second dose, but we do not know this for sure so far. 

We know that if you are infected and produce antibodies and are given the first dose of the vaccine then there is an increase in antibodies. But when a second dose is given there is no further boost. There is a destructive effect and then the second dose is useless but also has no side effects.



The above-mentioned information has been collected from different sources, information has also been collected from many knowledgeable doctors about it. It is possible that in the coming time, in addition to the information mentioned above, some other effects of the Covid vaccine may also be evident.

Hopefully, friends, may your all doubts about the vaccine have been cleared up from this article. Here I trying to cover major points of vaccine rumors which demotivating people about vaccination. After reading this article, hope that everyone shall be taking a vaccine as per guidance. Share it with your friends and family.

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