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How Search Engine Really Works | How Google Algorithm Works

How Search Engine Really Works | How Google Algorithm Works
How Actually Search Engine Works


If you want to improve your skills in SEO and increase the quality of your website than you have need to know how search engines work in the beginning and the more you know that how to improve.


It is used to describe two types of search engines, one is called search engine based search and the other is man-powered guides. Each type uses a variety of methods to collect data.


Removable Search Engines:

These types of search engines scan the web and collect billions of data. It has used to build information in a fraction of a second. The search results from you are ultimately generated by tons of data collected by software.


Have you ever wondered if Google is still superior to search engines? And how can it get over 30 million web pages? The answer is that Google has been scanning the web for the past 18 years. Every webpage with software called crawling.


This bot starts when a person enters a set of characters for web pages. This gives the crawler all the links and directions to follow. Google's crawling software is called Googlebot, while Braw's Crawler is called Bingbot, and by yahoo it uses Slurp.


A searcher captures all information on a web page such as HTML code, which provides the page, text content and pages, which link to it. So based on that when the searcher encounters a link over time we will check that these pages are related and move to different content that follows. All changes that take place on the web are automatically detected.


Crawler Parts:

The searcher has 2 key sections which scan the web pages, collect data and track links within the web page. Then the spider reviews web pages every month or two to determine if a change has occurred.


All combined information goes to the next section, which is an index. You can remember the index as a catalog, which contains a copy of all the web pages. It is updated regularly with the information collected on each page. The software is in line with how it ranks websites as to why SEO value is displayed.


SEO References:

Another type of search engine is based search engine. Where you submit your site to a specific index, select your site category and description but your site will not be available until the editor decides to open your site.


In these search engines where there is no automatic crawl and SEO is not useful. Because the sites have different placement programs, the two most popular search engines based on indexes are Yahoo and DMoz.


You submit your site and wait a month at least if it has not yet appeared. You can send an inquiry to them to check your site. So you may be wondering why i care about these indicators; when it is useless to use SEO to increase my position within these indicators.


Google's default ad are as described above is preceded by links to follow. In fact the page relies heavily on these indexes and site listed in these indexes will be a great addition to your site. It will increase your ranking in Google search engine.


How Search Engine Display Search Results?

When you are search for something on the web than each web page displayed is called a search result; their display layout is called a ranking. Search engines use algorithms to determine and control the layout, layout of web pages. Various search engines use different algorithms, which can be similar to many basic users.


All algorithms are designed to order pages by their value and provide the most relevant pages first. That is why some search engines are better than others. Andrey Lipattsev, Google's Senior Quality Strategist, has confirmed that the top three items on Google are Content, Links and RankBrain, which is a machine learning program for spyware.


The search algorithms used by search engines are changed from time to time to ensure the best results. The use of the last 18 years has improved more than we or the software, techniques and improvements brought to search engines these days.


SEO optimization and good content creation has become mandatory for any website that aims to achieve its goals or to develop and sell any of its products in the market.


Things can get weird here because not only are key words but they are linked to context in addition to the links they link to. All of them play an important role in how a page will be saved within the index and what will be its order in search results. Thus SEO has become a requirement for every web page owner to learn or hire a professional who does the SEO program for him.



Having a clear understanding of how the search engine works can help you build a website and that can be indexed by search engines. This has many additional benefits also. It is the first step you need to take before dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or other SEM (Search Engine Marketing) activities.


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