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Indian Constitution GK Questions and Answers

Welcome to an informative session on the Indian Constitution! In this discussion, we will unravel the mysteries and delve into the depths of the Indian Constitution GK Questions and Answers.

The Indian Constitution is not only a legal document but also a living testament to the ideals and aspirations of the people of India.

So, let's embark on this enlightening journey, where we will explore and understand the various aspects of the Indian Constitution through a series of intriguing questions and informative answers.

Get ready to enhance your knowledge and unravel the intricacies of one of the world's longest and most comprehensive constitutions!

Indian Constitution GK
Indian Constitution General Knowledge

Indian Constitution GK

Q - Which article is of the protection of interest of minorities?

Answer - Article 29

Q - Whose plan was to transfer power to the Indians and partition the country?

Answer - The Mountbatten plan

Q - For the first time, the Indian legislature was made by the camera under………………….

Answer - Government of India 1919

Q - Which have divided legislative powers between the center and provinces?

Answer - Government of PDI act 1935

Q - Who was the chairman of the dropping committee?

Answer – Dr. Baba

Q - Which article is related to the abolition of untouchability?

Answer - Article 17

Q - When was the first statute for the governance of India Under the rule of the British?

Answer - Government of India act 1858

Q - When was the constitution of India adopted by the constituent assembly?

Answer – 26, November 1949

Q - Which act is associated with codes that can interpret the rules and regulations?

Answer - Charter act of 1793

Q - Under which act separate governor for Bengal to be appointed?

Answer - Charter Act of 1753

Q - Under which act the consuls were having the power to discuss the budget and addressing the question to the executive?

Answer - Government of India act 1892

Q - Which has enabled the governor-general to associate representatives of the Indian people with the work of legislation by nominating them to his expanded consul?

Answer - Government of India act 1861

Q - When the constitution of India came into effect?

Answer – 26, January 1950

Q - Which act was passed to consolidate the provisions of the preceding government of India act?

Answer - Government of India act 1915

Q - How much time did it take for the constituent assembly to finalize the constitution?

Answer - 2 years 11 months 18 days

Q - Which article is related to equality before the law?

Answer- Article 14

Q - Which was a Kolkata part of setting a supreme court?

Answer- Regulating act of 1773

Q - Which article is for protection against arrest and detention in certain cases?

Answer - Article 22

Q - Under which act the Christian missionaries were allowed to spread their religion in India?

Answer - Charter act of 1813

Q - Which article is related to equal justice and pre-legal aid?

Answer - Article 39

Q - What is article 44 is related to?

Answer - A uniform civil code for citizens

Q - Which article is related to the special address by the president?

Answer - Article 87

Q - Which article is related to ascent to bills?

Answer - Article 111

Q - In which amendment the Sindhi language was included as the 15th regional language?

Answer - 21st constitutional amendment Act 1967

Q - In which constitutional amendment act seats of Lok-sabha were increased from 525 to 545?

Answer - 31st constitutional amendment Act 1973

Q - In which constitutional amendment act Sikkim was made a full-fledged state of the union of India?

Answers - 36 constitutional amendment act 1975

Q - In which constitutional amendment act government was made a full place state with a state assembly?

Answer - 56 constitutional amendment Act 1987

Q - In which constitutional amendment act and authoritative text of the constitution in Hindi was provided to the people of India by the president?

Answer - 58 constitutional amendment act 1987

Q - Which constitutional amendment act provided reservation in admissions in a private unheeded educational institution for students belonging to scheduled caste or stripes and other backward classes?

Answer - 93rd constitutional amendment Act 2005

Q - How many articles were there originally in the constitution of India?

Answer - 395 articles

Q - How many articles are in the constitution of India now?

Answer - 448 Articles

Q - The constitution is the supreme law of the land it is protected by whom?

Answers – Supreme Court

Q - The speaker can ask a member of the house to stop speaking and let another member speak this is known as……………

Answer - Building the Floor

Q - Which article of the constitution empowers the parliament to form a new state by altering the boundaries of existing states?

Answer - Article 3

Q - When Nagaland was created as a separate state?

Answer - 1963

Q - What is the age of retirement of a judge of the Supreme Court?

Answer - 65 years


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