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A Story Behind Diwali and Narakasura

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the most widely celebrated and eagerly anticipated festivals in India. This auspicious occasion holds a deep cultural and historical significance, with its roots tracing back to an ancient legend - the story of Diwali and the defeat of the demon king Narakasura.

As we delve into this fascinating tale, we unravel the profound symbolism and timeless values that Diwali represents, making it a cherished festival that not only illuminates our homes but also our hearts.

A Story Behind Diwali and Narakasura
Diwali and Narakasura Story


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Diwali and Narakasura story | Origins of Diwali festival

Narakasura came from a good background. In history books mentioned that he's the son of Vishnu. But, this happened when Lord Vishnu took the form of a wild boar or pig. So, Narakasura had certain tendencies. More than that, he made certain friendships. He became friends with Mura, who later on became his general and they fought battles and battles, killing thousands of people.

When Lord Krishna killed Mura, because with two of them together, there was no way to deal with Naraka. That's the reason why Krishna has the name 'Murari' because he slew Mura. It says that Mura had magical powers in battle and nobody could stand against him.

And once Mura was taken off, Naraka was more of a ceremony. He did his life completely wrong and he realized that at the end of his life. He said, "Today that you are killing, not me, but all the wrongs that I did, this must be celebrated." We should not celebrate the killing of Naraka's wrongs; we must celebrate the killing of all the wrongs within us. That's when a real Deepawali happens.

So, this is the story about Narakasura being of good birth but going bad is significant. What it is trying to tell you is that even if you're born to a pig, it's still a very good birth. But it all depends on what you make out of yourself. Krishna made himself god, but Narakasura made himself into a demon; either you wait for life to whip you, or you whip yourself into shape, this is the choice. So Naraka chose that Krishna comes and whip him up. Krishna chose that he whips himself into shape. That's a big difference.

One gets worshipped as a god, another gets put down like a demon. This is all it is. So, it is a reminder that let's light it up. Darkness means lack of light. Obliteration of Darkness is the nature of light.



The story of Diwali and Narakasura holds immense cultural and spiritual significance in India. It tells the tale of good triumphing over evil, emphasizing the importance of righteousness and unity.

It teaches us to stand up against injustice and fight against our inner demons. Diwali is not just about fireworks and feasts; it is a reminder to embrace the goodness within ourselves and spread joy and positivity to the world.

Let us all come together, light the lamps of hope, and celebrate this festival with gratitude, understanding, and harmony.



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