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What Happened To Krishna Body After Death?

Lord Krishna, the revered Hindu deity and central character of the epic Mahabharata, has captivated millions of believers worldwide. From his divine acts to his teachings of righteousness and love, Krishna's life holds immense significance.

However, a question that has often perplexed devotees and scholars alike is what happened to Krishna body after death? Delving into ancient texts, myths, and spiritual interpretations, we embark on a profound exploration into the mysteries surrounding the fate of Lord Krishna's mortal form, uncovering enlightening insights and spiritual perspectives.

What happened to Krishna body after death
What happened to Krishna body after death


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  1. Introduction
  2. The circumstances surrounding Krishna's death
  3. How do contemporary Hindus see Krishna's death?
  4. What happened to the body of Lord Krishna after death?
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs


The circumstances surrounding Krishna's death

Years after the Mahabharata War, when Krishna was living in Dwarka, a coastal city in present-day Gujarat, an event led to his demise. While meditating under a tree, Krishna was accidentally struck by an arrow. This arrow was shot by a hunter named Jara, who mistook Krishna's foot for the ear of a deer. The arrow pierced Krishna's foot, causing him intense pain.

Krishna accepted his fate, as he believed it was time for him to leave the mortal world. He forgave the hunter and passed away peacefully, merging back into his divine form. This event is referred to as "Krishna's leaving the mortal world" or "Krishna's death".


How do contemporary Hindus see Krishna's death?

It is worth mentioning that Hindu beliefs see Krishna as an eternal being beyond birth and death. While his mortal form ended, his divine essence continues to live on, and he is revered as a deity by millions of people around the world.

Contemporary Hindus referred to Krishna's disappearance as his "Nitya-Leela". Hindus believe that Krishna's disappearance was a divine event where he decided to return to his eternal abode, Goloka or Vaikuntha. They view it as the culmination of his earthly mission and a manifestation of his divine transcendental nature.

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What happened to Krishna's body after death?

According to Hindu mythology, after Krishna's death, his body underwent a transformation known as "Mahaparinirvana". In this state, Krishna's physical body transformed into a divine spiritual form, transcending the material world. It is believed that his body was cremated by Pandavas, and his ashes were immersed in the holy river Yamuna, while others believe that his ashes were divided and distributed among various holy sites in India. The specific details regarding his cremation and the disposal of his remains can vary across different texts and interpretations.

It is said that Lord Krishna's entire body was burnt to ashes but his heart was not burnt. Ultimately the Pandavas drowned his heart in the Yamuna and today it exists inside the wooden idol of Lord Jagannath in the temple of Puri.



The fate of Krishna's body after death remains shrouded in mystery and myth. While there are various beliefs and legends surrounding this topic, no definitive accounts or evidence have been discovered.

The story of Krishna's departure from the mortal world invites spiritual contemplation and offers insight into the enduring legacy and transcendence often associated with beloved figures in religious traditions.

Ultimately, the question of what truly happened to Krishna's body after death may forever be the realm of faith and imagination.




Frequently Asked Questions

At what age Krishna died?

It is widely believed that Lord Krishna lived for 125 years.

Where is Lord Krishna dead body?

According to Hindu mythology and beliefs, Lord Krishna attained "Mahaparinirvana", a divine departure, after completing his earthly duties. It is generally believed that Lord Krishna's body was cremated in Dwarka.

Where did Krishna go after his death?

Vaikuntha Dham.

After Krishna death what happened to Radha?

According to some Hindu scriptures and folklore, Radha attained 'Maha-Samadhi,' a state of conscious departure from the physical body, and reunited with Krishna in the spiritual realm.

What happened to Rukmini after Krishna died?

According to some beliefs, Rukmini was among Krishna's other wives and the few residents of Dwarka who survived the destruction of the city after Krishna's departure from the physical realm. In this version, it is said that she took refuge in a nearby Ashram and remained there until her death. She spent the rest of her life in deep meditation and devotion to Krishna.

What happened to Dwarka after Krishna's death?

According to various accounts in Hindu scriptures like the 'Mahabharata' and the 'Harivamsa Purana', a series of natural calamities occurred after Krishna departed from the world, leading to the city's submergence.