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The Happy Beggar - Buddha Short Story

In the realm of ancient teachings, there lies a profound and enlightening tale known as "The Happy Beggar." Nestled within the profound wisdom shared by the great Buddha himself, this sacred story transports us to a world where material wealth holds no control, and true happiness is found within.

Embark on a mesmerizing journey as we delve into this transformative narrative, where the beggar's radiant joy and unwavering contentment unlock the secrets to a life of inner fulfillment and eternal bliss.

The Happy Beggar Story
The Happy Beggar Short Story


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The happy beggar story who will become a donor in the society

Once upon a time, the beggar was upset about his life because he had to beg for it to continue his life. He had to beg for everything. Would he stay unhappy about this and think about how his life would change? Thinking that he would be disappointed. Every day he would see that many frustrated people, people with tears in their eyes and troubled by various worries were going towards Gautam Buddha and they were very happy while returning.

The beggar could not understand what Gautam Buddha used to do to them so that they could be happier? Although people return from Buddha without money and gold and silver, what happens when people return from Buddha? Thinking all this, the beggar also decided that he too will go to Gautam Buddha and see what is happening there.

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He walked to meet Buddha. Where Buddha was present, there was a very long queue, so that beggar also got in the queue. He started waiting in line to get his chance. His turn came and he reached near Buddha. He said to the Buddha, "Buddha I am very poor, I have nothing, I have to beg others. Now tell me that how can I live my life and how can I do it better"?

On hearing all this Buddha replied to him, "You are not poor, you think so because till date you have never done anything for anyone; neither have you ever donated anything to anyone nor have you done anything for others." Hearing all this, the beggar was in dilemma. To alleviate her confusion, the beggar asked, "I am a beggar, how can I give to others and help people? I have to ask others to run my own life."

After hearing all this, Gautam Buddha paused and said to him, "You have a hand in helping people and doing good to others, and you have a mouth so that you say good things and encourage others." You can help others by doing all this. Donations do not need to be made only of money. We can also provide education if we wish. If God gave the man a beautiful body, he is not poor. He is simply poor in mind. He must get away from this thought and serve others. After listening to all of Buddha's items, the beggar was overjoyed and his mind was satisfied.


Final Thoughts

The moral of the story is that, if a person only cares about his poverty and does not try to change it, he is a fool. Apart from this, we also learn from this story that donations; not only money, education, food, good thoughts, etc. should also be made.

If you do not have money, you can teach others or you can share good ideas with others, this makes society better. Then what are you waiting for share this story with others and contribute to the donation of education.