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How to meditate for beginners step by step: The Ultimate Guide

How to meditate for beginners step by step in less time


Hello friends, today we learn how to meditate from the short story of a monk. Here we try to show some facts about meditation and also help to remove some rumors about meditation. Today I hope that you will find the perfect knowledge regarding meditation, and definitely will start as described below in article.

How to meditate for beginners step by step
How to meditate for beginners step by step

How to meditate daily at home for beginners

Once upon a time, a queen invited a monk to her palace; the queen said to a monk if I ask you something would you give me? Monk replies 'what do you want?' Queen said I want your begging bowl, without asking for anything else monk gave her the begging bowl, which was the only thing he had queen took it and in return gave him a golden bowl studded with diamonds.

Monk took that golden bowl and started walking toward his hut. On the way, a thief sees him and started following him to steal that bowl. The monk gets to know that the thief is following him, he thinks that because of this golden bowl. He will disturb his inner peace of mind and also thief will have to do a lot of hard work to steal it. So, it should be given to the thief reaching his hut, he throws that golden bowl outside the hut and goes inside. The thief sees that a monk has thrown this golden bowl outside his hut, which means that he must be having something more valuable. That's why he doesn't care about this golden bowl and he keeps standing outside thinking about it.

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Eventually, he decides to go inside the monk's hut and take a look. He peeks inside the hut, the monk was engrossed in meditation, and the thief went inside silently and started looking into the hut. But the hut was empty, now the thief was even more surprised and started thinking that the monk has nothing then why doesn't he care about this gold bowl? He sat beside the monk and waited for him to come to his senses. After some time the monk got up and saw the thief sitting in front of him.

The monk smiled and said, 'so you have come.' The thief said with folded hands sir, I was following you from the palace till your hut, please tell me why you threw that golden bowl out? What do you have that is more valuable than that golden bowl? Then the monk smile and replied, 'my friend, I have an inner treasure of meditation, in front of which all the wealth of this world had no value. Hearing this, the thief fell at the feet of the monk and said sir, please forgive me, I am here to rob you but you are a saintly person, now I don't want materialistic wealth please give me a little out of your treasure of meditation. Monk smiled and said, my dear friend, you too can find the inner pleasure that I have found. The thief said but I don't know how to meditate? Please guide me.

Then the monk smiled and said that friend, meditation is very easy there is nothing to be done in meditation.


Meditation guideline for the beginners step by step:

  • Just find a quiet and relaxing place where no one can disturb you, sit on a mat so that you cannot have contact with the earth.
  • Make sure that your back remains straight; place your palms on your keens facing the sky.
  • Now close your eyes and take some long and deep breaths, after that slowly and slowly let the breath return to normal.
  • With your mind keep watching your breaths coming in and out, don't let go even a single breath without watching; just keep watching your breath inhale, and exhale.
  • Keep watching like a watchman, in between your mind will wander here and there sometimes your mind will start thinking about something else.
  • Whenever it happens focus your mind again on your breath, don't do anything else, and just consciously watch your breath come and go.
  • Watching the breath, slowly and slowly your breath will slow down. As the breath slows down and so will your mind calms down slowly and slowly, and gradually there will come a moment.
  • When your thoughts will completely disappear, your mind will drown in the ocean of peace. This is the state of deep meditation.
  • After getting advice from the monk, the thief started meditation as told by the monk, he stopped stealing and slowly and slowly his life changed.



You cannot master this method of meditation in a single day, for this, you have to practice for a long time. A little bit of regular practice every day. In the meditation process, you have to focus your attention on your breath inhaling and exhaling. Our breath is the rein of our mind, just as we control a horse with its rein, similarly, we can control our mind by controlling our breath.

When we start observing our breath come and go then our breath starts to slow down and as our breath slows down, our thoughts start to subside. After some time there will come a time when your mind will become completely silent and you will feel infinite peace. You can start feeling yourself separate from your mind and body. If you like an article then share it with your friends and subscribe Million-$-Knowledge to get daily interesting motivational updates.


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