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Divya Hegde wins U.N. Women's Award 2021

Divya Hegde wins U.N. Women's Award 2021

News on U.N. Women's Award 2021

  • Indian Climate Action Entrepreneur Divya Hegde was awarded the U.N. Women's Award for Leadership Commitment 2021.
  • She received this honor at the Regional Asia-Pacific Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Awards Ceremony.
  • Divya Hegde is a resident of the Udupi district of Karnataka.
  • She has been given this honor by the Climate Action Initiative for promoting gender equality on a sustainable basis.
  • He is the founder of an organization called Baeru Environmental Service.


Scope of Baeru Environmental Service

  • Waste management
  • Improve people's livelihood
  • Developing a circular economy


U.N. Features of Women's Awards

This award recognizes the efforts and work done by the companies for gender equality in this field.

This award is a set of seven principles that give businesses offering guidance to women so that they can become empowered in the field, market sector, and society.


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