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Delimitation Commission proposes additional seats for J&K

Delimitation Commission proposes additional seats for J&K
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News About D.C. proposes additional seats for J&K

  • The Delimitation Commission has proposed 6 additional seats for the Union Territory of Jammu and 1 for Kashmir.
  • For the first time, it is proposed to reserve 7 seats for SCs for STs based on population.
  • If this proposal is approved, then the number of seats for the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly will increase to 90.
  • This will increase the seats for Jammu from 37 to 43 and for Kashmir Valley from 46 to 47.
  • In the same resolution, it has also been said to reserve 24 seats for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).
  • Political parties are strongly opposing this proposal.


About Delimitation Commission

  • It is also known as Sima Commission (Boundary Commission).
  • After every census, a Delimitation Act is enacted by the Parliament under Article-82 of the Constitution.
  • After the implementation of the Delimitation Act, the Delimitation Commission is appointed by the President.
  • This body works closely with the Election Commission.
  • Its main function is to re-demarcate the boundaries for the constituencies of Lok-Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies based on the previous census.
  • It is not worth mentioning that the decisions of the Delimitation Commission cannot be challenged in any court.

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