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How to face worst situations in life | Never give up motivation story

Never give up a motivation short story | Never give up believe in yourself

How to face the worst situation in your life, Never give up a motivational short story
How to face the worst situation in your life


Hello friends, today we know how to face the worst situation in life? How to motivate yourself to never give up? And the most important thing is how to think positively in negative situations. Today we will learn this all from a short story of a farmer and his best friend donkey. Then without wasting much time let's start a motivational story.

How to face worst situations in life | Farmer and Donkey short story

How to face the worst situation in your life, Never give up a motivational short story
Never give up a motivational short story

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a donkey. The donkey was now old and did not do much work for his master, even the owner would now leave him to graze in the open fields. One day the donkey was grazing in the field when he suddenly fell into the well, it was a deep and narrow well. And a donkey couldn't jump out of that well. He was very scared and cried out loud, after almost an hour a passer-by who was a neighbor of the farmer heard the cries of the donkey and looked into the well.

He saw the donkey in the well and rushed to the village to inform the farmer. The farmer requested his neighbors to join him to rescue his donkey and they rushed towards well. He peered into the well and saw his old donkey, looking helpless and with teary eyes. The farmer and others tried a lot to bring out the donkey but of no use. They couldn't bring it out in any way. The farmer was really sad at this happening, after a lot of efforts when he could not bring it out. Finally, he decided that the donkey was old and so he decided to let it die in the well and cover the old donkey with dirt.


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The farmer told all his neighbors to help him cover the old donkey; they all grabbed a shovel and begin to shovel dirt into the well. At once the donkey realized what was happening, he got even sadder, he was already in a lot of trouble and his master had decided to bury him alive in the soil. Therefore he started crying loudly but they kept pouring dirt over him. After some time, to everyone's surprise, to see that he quieted down and went on silence.

A few shovels load after the farmer finally looked down the well and was surprised at what he saw, he saw that with every shovel of dirt that fell on his back the donkey was doing something amazing. As the soil fell on him, he would shake his back and drop it down and stand on top of it. After a couple of minutes, everyone was shocked as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and jumped off. As he jumped out of the well, he ran away because now he had come to know his master's love for him.



If we see in our lives, we will find that we come across many obstacles in our life and then we do not understand what to do. In such a situation we should not lose our courage in fear of those difficulties; rather we should make stepping stones with those obstacles and move forward in our life.

If the donkey had lost his courage then his death was certain but he did not lose his courage and climbed on top of the soil falling on him, then finally came out of the well. Similarly, we should not lose courage and should think with a calm mind, we do not have to be defeated by the obstacles that come in our way but by making those obstacles our opportunities we should move towards progress in our life.

Therefore, never give up easily because in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.


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