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How Sadhguru Got Enlightened?

In the realm of spiritual awakening and profound transformation, the journey of Sadhguru, a mystic, yogi, and visionary, holds a momentous significance. Curiosity surrounds the question of how Sadhguru, widely revered for his deep wisdom and unparalleled insight, attained enlightenment.

This exploration unveils a captivating story of relentless dedication, profound experiences, and a multitude of mystical encounters that ultimately led to the profound awakening of Sadhguru's consciousness.

Delve into the enthralling saga of how a simple seeker became an enlightened being, and prepare to embark on a transformative expedition marked by spirituality, self-discovery, and the essence of higher consciousness.

How Sadhguru Got Enlightened
How Sadhguru Got Enlightened


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Enlightenment story from Sadhguru himself

As per one interview, Sadhguru said that one afternoon, he just went and sat on a small hill, which was in a town where he grew up. Till that moment he always thought this is me and that's somebody else. Sadhguru said that he had no issue with anybody else, but his thoughts are different in that situation.

Sadhguru For the first time did not know what he does and what not. What was he doing there? He was just spread all over the place. Sadhguru thought this madness lasted for five, ten minutes, but when he came back to my normal ways of being, four and half hours had passed. He was sitting right there, fully conscious, eyes open.

Sadhguru sat there around 3 p.m. It's 7:30 in the evening. Sun has set and he thought it's only ten minutes but four and half hours had passed. For the first time in his adult life, tears were flowing to a point where his shirt is completely wet. His tears were impossible to stop.

Sadhguru told that he has always been happy; there have not been any issues in his life. He was young and healthier and successful with what he doing. He was fine but bursting with another kind of ecstasy which is indescribable. Every cell in his body was just bursting with ecstasy. He had no words when he shook his head and tried to ask his skeptical mind, "What's happening to him?"

The only thing that his mind could tell him was that "Maybe he is going off his rocker." He didn't care what it was, but he didn't want to lose it because this is the most beautiful thing that he had ever touched. And he had never imagined that a human being could ever feel like this within himself.

So when he went to his closest friends and said, "See, something is happening to me like this," As he was talking, tears would flow and people will say, "Did you drink something? Did you pop something? What did you do?" Sadhguru knew that there was no point talking to anybody. Because if he just looks at the sky - tears will come, if he looks at a tree,  tears will come if he closes his eyes - tears will come. He was just bursting.

In six weeks, everything about Sadhguru was changed so dramatically and he just lost the sense of time. The next time this happened was very significant because there were people around him. He went and sat with my family at the dinner table. Sadhguru thought that it's two minutes but seven hours had gone by he was sitting right there fully alert, but he has no sense of time. This happened many times.

One day Sadhguru was just sitting in his farm and thought he sat there for about twenty-five or thirty minutes, but he has sat there for thirteen days. By then a crowd has gathered. India being what it is, there're huge garlands all around him. Somebody is asking how to run his business; somebody wants to know when his daughters will get married. All the nonsense he hated, just happening around me.

He thought it's only twenty-five or thirty minutes but these people saying, "Thirteen days he is sitting, he is in Samadhi, he is this or that." He has not even heard these words. He and spirituality are another world- there is no chance for him going there. So he had none of these vocabulary- Samadhi, this or that stuff in him.

After that one funny moment occurs. People are saying, "Oh! He is in this kind of Samadhi, he is in that kind of Samadhi, and you touch him this will happen!" and people are trying to grab him also. So the only thing that he could do was, leave that place and travel out.

This was the story that how Sadhguru got enlightened by his own words. Sadhguru also added that why he is telling us this story is, this is possible for every human being. It is my wish and my blessing this must happen to all of us. Whether we climb Mount Everest or not, whether we become the richest man on this planet or not, our experience of life on this planet should be pleasant. We must live blissfully and then go that must happen to every human being. Everybody deserves it and everybody is capable of it.



Hopefully, friends may like the story of enlightening of Sadhguru. This is the life story of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva by his words of mouth. I have heard it before so many times ago and really I was impressed by this story.

So I think it must be share with you guys. Here I have no words to conclude. Just share it if you like the story and also I hope, we all will experiencing enlighten process once in our life journey. Thank You!


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FAQs On How Sadhguru Got Enlightened

How does one get enlightened?

The pursuit of enlightenment often involves deep introspection, contemplation, meditation, self-reflection, and a willingness to let go of attachments and false perceptions. The journey toward enlightenment is a personal and transformative process that may require consistent effort, self-discipline, and a genuine desire for self-realization.

When did Sadhguru get married?

In 1984.

How did Sadhguru become a guru?

He became a guru through years of spiritual practice, meditation, and self-realization. He spent most of his life exploring various spiritual paths and practices to gain enlightenment and a deeper understanding of life (You can read his enlightenment story on our blog). Through intense inner work and a profound spiritual experience, Sadhguru attained self-realization and became a realized master. He started sharing his wisdom and teachings with others, eventually gaining a following and becoming a respected guru.

How to become enlightened in Hinduism?

Enlightenment in Hinduism is a highly individual and subjective experience, it is unique for each individual. It requires deep inner seeking, self-discipline, and often the guidance of a guru or spiritual teacher. It is a process of self-realization, where one recognizes their true nature as divine and transcends the cycle of birth and death.