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Buddha Short Story - How to Calm Disturbed Mind

Buddha Short Story - How to Calm Disturbed Mind?

How to Calm Disturbed Mind | Buddha Short Stories With Morals
Buddha Short Stories in English

Once upon a time Lord Buddha and his followers were traveling from one place to another. While traveling they came across a lake. Becoming tired they all stopped by the lake to take some rest. After everyone settled down one of the disciples asked lord Buddha How can we calm our mind when our mind is full of disturbing thoughts?

Lord Buddha was sitting under a tree and he replied to his disciple I am feeling very thirsty. Can you bring me a little water from that lake? So the disciple went back to the lake to collect water for Lord Buddha. On reaching there, he noticed that some people were washing clothes and utensils.

So he again walked some distance further to collect clean and freshwater. But just as he was going to collect the water, a bullock cart passed by the lake, and the water became muddy. The disciple waited there for some more time but continuously one or more things were going on there and the water of the lake still remained muddy. Thinking that he can t give muddy water to lord Buddha so he decided to go back without collecting water.

The disciple then came back to Buddha and told him about it. About an hour later, Buddha again asked the disciple to go back to the lake and collect the water. As told the disciple went back to the lake and this time he was able to find clear and freshwater. So he filled the jar with water and brought it back to Buddha.

The disciple now gave the jar of water to Buddha and asked him Last time I went there the water was full of mud but now the water of the lake was absolutely clean. How is it possible? Buddha smiled at him and replied to him the Last time when you went, the mud was unsettled; and it was mixed with water on the surface. But when you went there after an hour the mud had already settled down on its own. And so that s why you got clean and clear water that was fit for drinking.

In the same way, your mind is also like that. When your mind is disturbed, give it some time and it will settle down on its own. You don't have to put in the effort to calm it down and with time your mind will be calm without any effort.



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