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Buddha Short Story - How to Deal with Anger

Buddha Short Story - How to Deal With Anger

Buddha Short Story - How to Deal with Anger | Buddha Story on Anger
Buddha Short Story on How to Deal With Anger

How to Deal with Anger:

Once upon a time, Lord Buddha was traveling from one village to another. Being tired he sat under a tree to take some rest. While sitting under the tree, a very angry and rude man came up to him and started insulting him.

He was talking all kinds of rude words. After abusing and insulting, the angry man waited there as he was expecting some kind of response from Lord Buddha. But to his utter surprise, there was not even the slightest change in Buddha s expression.

After seeing this, the man got angrier and again started insulting Lord Buddha with more abusive and insulting words. Still, he didn't get any kind of expression from Buddha, and this was continued for some more time.

At Last, the man got tired and asked Lord Buddha, I am continuously abusing and insulting you for the past few hours, but you did not even respond. Are you not angry with me? Lord Buddha replied to him no, Not at all and it's because I haven't accepted it. The man got confused and again asked Lord Buddha But you heard it, all my insulting words, didn't you? Buddha smiled and replied, I don't need any kind of insults or abuse. Then why would I hear it? 

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Seeing that the man got more confused, Lord Buddha again asked the man. Suppose you buy and give a gift to someone and the person does not accept the gift than to whom does the gift belongs? The man was surprised to be asked such a strange question, and he replied that it would belong to me because I bought the gift.

Lord Buddha smiled and replied that is correct. And it is also the same with your anger. If you become angry with me and I do not get insulted then the anger falls back to you. You said those insulting and abusive words to me but I haven't accepted a single one of them and all those remain with you. I have no reason to be angry with you. The man then understood his mistake and apologized to Lord Buddha.



Never respond to rudeness when people are rude to you. They reveal who they are, not who you are. So, don't learn how to react, learn how to respond. If you like this article then must share it on social media platforms, and contributes to spreading the Million Dollar Knowledge. Create temples, mosques, churches, not on any lands but built it in everyone's heart is our mission. Thank You!


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