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Osho Quotes

Osho Quotes on Life, Osho Whatsapp Status Quotes
Osho Quotes

Osho quotes for better life experience:

"A man may know millions of things, may know the whole world, but if he does not know himself, he is ignorant."

"The fool laughs at others and the wise laugh at themselves."

"There is great beauty in simplicity, what is simple is closer to the truth."

"The crowd likes those who are like them, not the unique."

"Truth is the same for all, lies are different for all."

"To become more naive and childlike, take life as joy because, in reality, this is life."

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"The day you think you have attained knowledge, you die, because now you will have no surprise, no joy, no wonder. Now you will live a dead life."

"Never ask who is my true friend? Ask, am I someone's true friend? That's the right question."

"Love is happy when it can give something, ego is happy when it can take something."

"Friendship is the purest love, it is the highest form of love where nothing is asked, there is no one where there is joy in giving."

"Don't walk the way fear drives you, walk the way love drives you, walk the way happiness walks you."

"The question is not how much can be learned, rather the question is how much can be forgotten."

"We want to know the truth but do not want to live, because it is easy to know but difficult to live."

"The question is not whether life exists after death or not, the real question is whether you are alive before death or not."

"That person who is happy even by being alone is worthy to be called a person, your happiness depends on others; You are a slave, you are not completely free, now you are in bondage."

"Life is not sad, it is a joke, life means a sense of humor."

"The real question is what are you inside, if you are wrong inside, whatever you do will result in wrong results; If you are right within then whatever you do will result in right results."

"It doesn't matter whether you are a rose, a lotus, or a marigold; What matters is that you are getting smothered."

"A serious person can never be innocent and one who is innocent can never be serious."

"Don't be unnecessarily burdened because of yesterday, keep closing the lesson which you have read, there is no need to go to it again and again."

"As you become more aware the desires disappear, when the awareness is 100% then there is no desire left."

"If you work without love you are working as a slave, when you work with love you are working like a king; Your work is your happiness, your work is your dance."

"Even if there is sorrow in life, you are the reason, even if there is happiness in life, you are the reason, whatever you are in life, you are the reason and the person who started remembering that I am in the cause, religion started in his life."

"Be your person, be your boatman, don't take support of someone else's shoulder, if you eat yourself, your hunger will be satisfied, if you drink yourself, your thirst will be satisfied."

"Only if you know the truth yourself, only then will the harbinger of contentment ring within you, my known truth is of no use to you."

"Everyone keeps thinking within himself that he is right and everyone else is wrong."

"Give eyes to the blind, there is no big secret in this, the real secret is to give the art of seeing to the blind."

"Giving happiness is the very essence of getting happiness."

"There is no greater word in the language of man than love, he who has known that one word has known all."

"If you do not manage even after stumbling, then the luck of the traveler, otherwise the stones had already fulfilled their duty."

"Tomorrow will get time, what a big illusion it is."

"The world does not hold you, you have caught the world. When the house breaks down, you cry, but when you leave, not a single tear will fall from the house."

"The world is beautiful because it was created by God, whoever calls the world dirty, despises God."

"When even the breath that is going on inside you is not yours, then why are you taking this outside ostentation as your own."

"There is a law of life that if you can wait then all things are done."


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