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Why Inflation is a Big Problem for President Biden?

Why Inflation is a Big Problem for President Biden? | US News today

US Inflation News Today

Inflation continues to be top of mind for Wall Street and Main Street alike, and this morning's Consumer Price Index showed some of the biggest increases are in areas consumers feel every day with food clothing, and gas prices all moving higher over the past month and past year.

This has been a major point of concern for the Biden Administration. How has this so far affected vitamins approval numbers and the White House's policies. Very badly on the approval numbers and I think this number today, I think this tells us that fighting is just going to have to take his lumps on inflation for the next several months. They say energy prices might actually be coming down by the end of the day of the year. That's true.

It’s going to take you like there's a lag effect with regard to Consumers and voters. I mean once inflation, let's hope it does get under 5% Perhaps back under 4% maybe around three percent. There's going to be a lag when it's going to take a while to persuade voters that this is actually okay that this is good news for their pocketbook.

So Biden omits column today says this Biden is into the dunk tank and I think that's where he's going to be for the next couple of months. He's just going to be getting, getting, getting pretty soggy. He as people drops him into the water for the next couple of months.

Can he blame anyone?

Let's point the finger of blame at the press and say if he's going to be swimming in that tank so he's not swimming alone. This is an interesting narrative that's coming out of the White House in recent days. They're starting to complain that they that did press coverage of the Biden Administration is to - now, of course, Trump supporters loud that away because they say nobody ever got more negative press coverage than Trump, but come on.

At least a few more months of what it looks like. So I think Biden has to he has to say things that make it seem that he acknowledges the problem. He understands the problem, but don't try to tell consumers that it's actually much better than they think. I mean we've seen some Democrats recently zooming in on these charts that make it look like a Gris sent to create a decline in gas prices is really some big move. The voters are not that dumb and if you try to if you treat them like they're that stupid and you try to tell them. Oh, gas prices are down by 3 cents. Policies are working; they’re going to turn against you even more.



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