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The Great Genghis Khan Quotes to Conquer the World

Genghis Khan Quotes about life, war, happiness, peace, love

Hello friends, today in this article we will read the great Genghis Khan Quotes, who conquered the world. Such that Genghis Khan was a mighty king who had conquered the largest part of the world. And he did not belong to any dynasty, he himself created a new dynasty, which expanded further.

The world sees him as a cruel king, but at that time the world needed an efficient combat system and top management, which Genghis Khan had. He had recorded his words in Qavanin, some of the passionate quotes are written here. I think after reading these quotes by genghis khan, you too will inculcate the feeling of getting top rank in your field and get motivation to move ahead.


Genghis Khan Quotes
Genghis Khan Quotes

Million Dollar Quotes of Genghis Khan

  • "Violence never settles anything."
  • "Come and sip from the cup of destruction."
  • "Only the dead have seen the end of the war."
  • "The merit in action lies in finishing it to the end."
  • "A friend may be waiting behind a stranger's face."
  • "It is not sufficient that I succeed, all others must fail."
  • "Oh people, know that you have committed great sins."
  • "Remember, you have no companions but your shadow."
  • "A leader can never be happy until his people are happy."
  • "If my body dies, let my body die but do not let my country die."
  • "Mother earth is broad and her rivers and waters are numerous."
  • "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."
  • "Those who were quick and nimble I have made herders of horses."
  • "If you are afraid, don't do it, if you are doing it then don't be afraid."
  • "Perhaps my children will live in stone houses and walled towns, not I."
  • "One of the joys of travel is visiting new towns and meeting new people."
  • "Make up your camps far apart and each of you rules your kingdom."


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  • "Those who were not adept, I have given a small whip and sent to be shepherds."
  • "Every man has his use, even if only to gather dried cow dung in the Gobi for fuel."
  • "Those who were adept and brave fellows I have made military commanders."
  • "Even when a friend does something you do not like he continues to be your friend."
  • "One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible."
  • "Even when a friend does something you do not like, he continues to be your friend."
  • "The strength of a wall is neither greater nor less than the courage of the men who defend it."
  • "Without the vision of a goal, a man cannot manage his own life, much less the lives of others."
  • "How can one withdraw? Even if we die, let us challenge their boasts, Eternal heaven, you be the judge!"
  • "I wish to die at home, let not my end disarm you and no account weep for me, lest the enemy be warned of my death."
  • "To get drunk twice a month is better, once still more praiseworthy, but not to drink at all. - What could be better than this?"
  • "If lies can show the truth, they can be the truth, they can cause the truth, so I may build an empire on lies but they are the truth."
  • "If lies can show the truth, they can be the truth, they can cause the truth, so I may build an empire on lies but they are the truth."
  • "As long as you brothers support one another and assist one another, your enemies can never gain the victory over you."
  • "I am from the barbaric north, I wear the same clothing and eat the same food as the cowherds and horse-herders, we make the same sacrifices and we share our riches."
  • "A man's greatest moment in life is when his enemy lays vanquished, his village aflame, his herds driven before you, and his weeping wives and daughters are clasped to your breast."


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What is Genghis Khan's famous quote?

He is a curse from god.

What are 3 good things Genghis Khan did?

1. Genghis Khan fought many battles in his lifetime but he believed that Violence never settles anything. 2. He know the truth of battles that not all time he may alive, any arrow or sword can kill him, but still he was brave and always stand ahead on his army. 3. He did not fight with those who had knelt before him and took possession of him.

What did Genghis Khan say about God?

It is the curse of the Lord himself, if whoever does not accept his ownership, he will have to face the curse of the Lord.

What is Genghis Khan weakness?

He unsatisfied always about everything what he had, and another was he can not stop himself for battles.