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Birth of Sudarshan Chakra | The Weapon Of Lord Vishnu 🎡

Birth of Sudarshan Chakra

Birth of Sudarshan Chakra | The Weapon Of Lord Vishnu 🎡

This is the story of how Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra came to be. The Asuras, or Demons, were extremely wicked. They were constantly harassing the cosmic gods. At one time, the cosmic gods suffered so much from demon attacks that they went to Lord Vishnu.

They wanted his help to defeat the demons. Lord Vishnu said to them, "I do not have enough strength to defeat or destroy demons. I must seek help from Shiva. I will ask him to give me a special weapon that will help me defeat the demons."

When Vishnu went to Shiva, he found Lord Shiva in his stomach. Vishnu did not want to interfere with Shiva's meditation, so he began praying and praying to Shiva in the hope that one day he would be able to wake up. Every day, for years and years, Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva, meditated on Shiva, and sang Shiva's name with great devotion.

Lord Vishnu donated a thousand lotus flowers to Lord Shiva daily. Every time he gave Shiva lotus flowers, he would sing Shiva's name. This has been going on for so long and Shiva is still connected. Vishnu was poor! The gods were mercilessly harassed by the demons and were unable to save them.

Finally, after many long years, Shiva lost his sanity. Vishnu's happiness knew nothing. He rushed to collect a thousand lotus flowers so that he could serve King Shiva and ask for a special blessing. Shiva had already decided that he would give Vishnu this pillar but first, he wanted to deceive Vishnu. He secretly went to where Vishnu had laid flowers and stole one flower. 

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Now there were only 999 lotus flowers. After making all his preparations, Vishnu began to serve Shiva with great devotion. One by one, he donated lotus flowers and shouted Shiva's name. When he finally arrived, he noticed that one flower had disappeared. He had only counted 999. That meant he had to go looking for one lotus.

Instead of doing that, he just rolled his one eye and placed it in front of Shiva. When Shiva saw that Vishnu had such devotion for her, he said, "I will give you whatever you ask for." After that Vishnu asked him "Please give me something that will help me defeat Asura." Shiva replied, "I give you this round disc, it will help you defeat all your enemies. No matter how many demons will attack you and other gods, you will be able to defeat them all with this disc. The name of the disc was "Sudarshan Chakra."

When King Krishna took on the form of a man, Vishnu gave him this chakra, because Krishna was the form of Vishnu. Krishna can use chakra immediately at any time; it was his personal property. Sri Chaitanya also used the Sudarshan Chakra several times. He could plead with you and it would come to him.

The Sudarshan Chakra is not thrown, by the willpower sent against the enemy. It rotates very fast after releasing a finger and chasing the enemy. The chakra itself is round and has something like arrow points around it. It has tremendous magical power and spiritual power to destroy everything. No one can resist the Sudarshan Chakra.


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