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How Did Lord Krishna Die?

The life and death of Lord Krishna, one of the most revered and beloved deities in Hindu mythology, has been a topic of intense curiosity and speculation for centuries. While his divine exploits and teachings have been celebrated and immortalized in the ancient epic, the Mahabharata, the circumstances surrounding his demise remain shrouded in mystery and mysticism.

In this article, we delve deep into the various accounts and legends surrounding Lord Krishna's death to uncover the truth and unravel the enigma that has captivated millions of devotees and scholars around the world.

How Did Lord Krishna Die
How Did Lord Krishna Die


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  1. Introduction
  2. Lord Krishna's life and accomplishments
  3. Famous story related to Lord Krishna's death
  4. Conclusion
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Lord Krishna's life and accomplishments

Lord Krishna is one of the most beloved deities in Hinduism and is revered by millions of people around the world. He is known for his divine teachings, his extraordinary deeds, and his selfless devotion to his devotees.

Some of his most significant life events and accomplishments are as follows:

Birth and Childhood

Lord Krishna was born in Mathura to Devaki and Vasudeva during the prison days of King Kansa. He spent his early years in Vrindavan, where he displayed his miraculous abilities and performed various divine deeds.

Friendship with Sudama

He had a dear friend named Sudama, who was poor and faced many struggles. Lord Krishna helped him by giving him wealth and prosperity.

Ras Leela

His Ras-Leela dance with the Gopis is one of the most popular events in Hindu mythology. It signifies the ultimate union between the soul and God.

Bhagavad Gita

He imparted invaluable spiritual knowledge to Arjuna during the Mahabharata war, which is compiled in the Bhagavad Gita. He taught Arjuna about the importance of duty, detachment, and devotion.

Defeating Kansa and other demons

Lord Krishna defeated Kansa, who was his maternal uncle and was the tyrant king of Mathura. He also defeated various other demons such as Putana, Bakasura, and Kaliya.

Establishing Dharma

Lord Krishna is considered the embodiment of Dharma in Hinduism. He taught people to follow righteousness, truth, and love, and also played a significant role in establishing the Pandavas' righteous rule in the Mahabharata war.

Form of God

He is considered one of the primary incarnations of Lord Vishnu and is worshipped as a supreme deity in Hinduism. He is believed to be the ultimate manifestation of the divine and the source of all creation.

Eternal Philosophy

His teachings and philosophy have survived for centuries and continue to inspire people around the world. His message of love, compassion, and devotion remains relevant even today and helps people lead meaningful and fulfilling life.

Popular Culture

His stories, teachings, and symbols have permeated Indian culture in various forms, including art, literature, music, and dance. He is a popular subject in movies, TV shows, and comics, and his festivals such as Janmashtami and Holi (This festival is connected with incarnation of Lord Narsimha) are widely celebrated across India and beyond.

Spiritual Significance

Lord Krishna is also seen as a spiritual guide and mentor in Hinduism, and his Bhagavad Gita, a significant text in Indian philosophy, is considered a comprehensive guide to spiritual knowledge and self-realization. Through his teachings and actions, Lord Krishna inspires people to seek inner peace, enlightenment, and transcendence.

Additionally, Lord Krishna is believed to represent the divine love between the individual self (Atman) and the supreme self (Brahman), and his teachings promote the path of devotion (Bhakti) as a means to attain oneness with the divine. His message of detachment from material possessions and worldly desires also emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth and detachment, leading to a higher level of consciousness.


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Famous story related to Lord Krishna's death

One of the lesser-known theory about Lord Krishna's death is the Curse of Gandhari. Gandhari was the wife of Dhritarashtra and the mother of the Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata. It is believed that she cursed Lord Krishna after the Kurukshetra war in which her sons were killed.

According to the legend, when Gandhari saw the dead bodies of her sons, she was consumed with grief and anger. She blamed Lord Krishna for not preventing the war and for not saving her children. She cursed him that he and his clan would die a violent death.

Lord Krishna reassured her that her sons had brought their fate upon themselves by choosing the path of Adharma (unrighteousness) and that the war was necessary to restore Dharma (righteousness) in the world. But Gandhari's curse could not be revoked.

Years later, when Lord Krishna was resting under a tree in a forest, he was accidentally shot by a hunter named 'Jara' who mistook him for a deer. While Krishna meditating under a tree, he placed his foot outside the tree's shade, and when Jara saw the moving foot, he immediately assumed it to be a deer and shot an arrow. Upon realizing his mistake, Jara approached Krishna and apologized. Krishna then blessed Jara and left his mortal body, ascending to his divine form. This incident is known as the "Jara Vyadha Ghatana" in Hindu mythology. This incident is said to have fulfilled Gandhari's curse.



According to Hinduism scriptures, Lord Krishna's death is attributed to the result of his own actions, which is known as "Karma Phala".

The death of Lord Krishna remains a mystery to this day and is subject to various interpretations and beliefs. Some believe that he died due to a curse while others believe that he goes to Vaikunth Dhaam after completing his duty on the earth.

Lord Krishna's legacy is more than just the story of his birth and death. It is a legacy of love, hope, and spiritual enlightenment that continues to resonate with millions of people around the world, transcending the boundaries of religion, culture, and time.


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FAQs On How Did Lord Krishna Die

At what age did Krishna die?

According to Hindu mythology, Krishna died at the age of 125.

Did krishna die before pandavas?

Yes, Lord Krishna died before the Pandavas. After the Great War of Mahabharata, in which the Pandavas emerged victorious, Lord Krishna advised them to continue ruling and ensuring the welfare of their subjects. He then returned to Dwaraka, where he was accidentally killed by a hunter. This incident took place after the Pandavas had left their physical bodies and attained Moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

Where did Krishna go after death?

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that after death, Krishna returned to his heavenly abode, Vaikuntha, where he continues to reside as the supreme Godhead.

How did Lord Krishna leave his body?

Lord Krishna left his body by entering into a yogic trance, known as samadhi. He was sitting under a tree when a hunter accidentally shot an arrow toward him, which hit his foot. Even though he was in immense pain, he did not show any discomfort. He continued to sit in a meditative posture and entered into a deep state of meditation until his soul left his body and merged with the universe. This event is known as Mahaparinirvana or Svargarohan.