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How Many Wives of Lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna, a mythical and beloved figure in Hinduism, continues to captivate our imagination with his divine charm, wisdom, and extraordinary tales. As we delve into the intriguing enigma that surrounds this godly being, one question emerges with curiosity - how many wives did Lord Krishna have?

A journey through ancient texts, folklore, and historical accounts will unveil the captivating stories of his celestial consorts, offering insight into the divine love that graced Krishna's life and forever etched his legacy in our hearts.

How many wives of Lord Krishna
How many wives of Lord Krishna


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    1. Rukmini
    2. Satyabhama
    3. Jambavati
    4. Kalindi
    5. Nagnajiti
    6. Mitravinda
    7. Bhadra
    8. Lakshmana


8 wives of Lord Krishna

  1. Rukmini:

Rukmini was Krishna's chief consort and the princess of Vidarbha. According to the scriptures, Rukmini fell in love with Krishna after hearing tales of his valour and divine qualities. As Krishna and Rukmini wanted to get married, Rukmini's brother, Rukmi, strongly opposed their union. However, Rukmini eloped with Krishna and they got married in secret.

  1. Satyabhama:

Satyabhama was another significant wife of Lord Krishna. She was the daughter of Satrajit, a nobleman who possessed a divine jewel called the Syamantaka. Krishna managed to acquire the jewel, but Satrajit accused him of killing his brother and demanded Krishna marry Satyabhama as penance. Krishna agreed to marry Satyabhama to restore his reputation.

  1. Jambavati:

Jambavati was the daughter of Jambavan, a bear king, who had a long-standing feud with Krishna. However, Krishna clarifies the misunderstanding and subsequently receives the hand of Jambavati in marriage. Jambavati later bears Krishna's son, Samba.

  1. Kalindi:

Kalindi was the daughter of the sun god, Surya. According to mythology, Kalindi was deeply in love with Krishna and sought his divine union. Impressed by her devotion, Krishna agreed to marry Kalindi and blessed her with happiness.

  1. Nagnajiti:

Nagnajiti, also known as Satya or Neela, was the princess of Kosala. She was the daughter of King Nagnajit, who organized a swayamvara (a ceremony in which a princess chooses her husband from several eligible suitors). Krishna managed to defeat numerous princes in a wrestling match and won Nagnajiti's hand in marriage.

  1. Mitravinda:

Mitravinda was the princess of Avantipur, and she fell in love with Krishna. However, her brother, who was an ally of King Jarasandha, opposed their marriage due to his political affiliations. Against her brother's wishes, Mitravinda asked Krishna for help. Krishna rescued her and married her, defeating her brother and Jarasandha in battle.

  1. Bhadra:

Bhadra was the princess of Kekaya and was known for her beauty. Krishna encountered her during his exile and was fascinated by her. He decided to marry her and sought the permission of her brother, who agreed to their marriage. Krishna brought Bhadra back to his kingdom.

  1. Lakshmana:

Lakshmana was the princess of Madra and was known for her exceptional beauty and talents. Krishna saw her in a swayamvara and was instantly captivated by her. He competed against other suitors and emerged victorious, marrying Lakshmana and bringing her to his kingdom.


Why did Krishna marry 8 wives?

In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is believed to have married eight major wives for different reasons. Some reasons include fulfilling a divine mission or balancing cosmic energies, fulfilling marital duties and obligations, nurturing relationships with different families and communities, as well as symbolizing various aspects of love and devotion.

Additionally, Krishna's marriages are seen as a part of his divine pastimes and pastimes, intended to impart deep spiritual teachings to his devotees.

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Different interpretations of Lord Krishna's marital life

As you read above, Lord Krishna is believed to have had 8 major queens known as Ashtabharya. It is believed that he had 16,100 other wives as well, who were rescued from the demon Narakasura.

Some scholars interpret Lord Krishna's marital life as an allegory for the union between the individual soul (Atman) and the divine (Brahman). In this interpretation, Krishna's multiple marriages represent various aspects of human experiences and emotions. Rukmini symbolizes devotion, and Satyabhama represents material wealth and power. Each wife represents a different facet of existence and the ultimate goal is to unite all these aspects within oneself.

In some mythological interpretations, Krishna's marriages are seen as part of his divine mission to establish and protect righteousness (Dharma). Each marriage is seen as an alliance with a specific kingdom or community, strengthening Krishna's political and social influence. It is believed that Krishna married different women for political reasons and to maintain harmony and balance in society.



Lord Krishna is believed to have had multiple wives according to various Hindu scriptures and legends. While there are different accounts and variations in the number, it is widely accepted that Lord Krishna had 8 principal consorts known as the Ashtabharya.

Additionally, Lord Krishna is believed to have had another 16,100 wives, making him the embodiment of love and devotion in Hindu mythology.

Ultimately, the exact number of Lord Krishna's wives is a matter of personal belief and faith, with the emphasis lying on his divine and compassionate nature rather than the literal count of his marital relationships.



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FAQs About Lord Krishna's Wives

Was Radha Krishna's wife?

Radha Krishna is a Hindu deity and they are not married in traditional mythology. Although Radha is often considered to be the beloved and eternal companion of Krishna, their relationship is considered to be more spiritual and symbolic rather than a marital one.

Who is the real wife of Krishna?

Although he had 8 principal queens, among them Rukmini ji was considered his most beloved wife. Rukmini ji is also considered to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Why did Krishna marry 16000 wives?

It is said that Krishna was trying to protect the honor and dignity of women who had been captured by a demon against their will. Krishna freed them from their captive life by marrying them and giving them respectable social status. And yes, the number of those women is not stated as 16000 but 16100.

How many children did Krishna have?

Krishna is believed to have had eight children, namely, Pradyumna, Samba, Bhanu, Charudeshna, Sucharu, Charuveshna, Charugupta, and Charuchandra.