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What is the Favourite Food of Lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna, a revered deity in Hinduism, is known not only for his divine teachings but also for his insatiable love for food.

Among the numerous delectable dishes that gratify his palate, one particular delicacy holds a special place – a food that captures his heart and ignites devotion among his followers.

Join us as we unravel the mystery of Lord Krishna's favorite food, a divine culinary delight that carries the essence of his enchanting presence.

Get ready to embark on a delicious journey into the world of Lord Krishna's most favorite delicacy.

What is the Favourite Food of Lord Krishna
What is the Favourite Food of Lord Krishna


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Favorite Food of Lord Krishna

Historical references and mythical stories

Historical references to Lord Krishna's food preferences are mentioned in ancient texts and scriptures such as the Bhagavata Purana and the Mahabharata. It is said that he would often steal butter from the homes of Gopis (cowherd girls) in Vrindavan, which is why he is also called "Makhan Chor" (butter thief). Lord Krishna's love for butter symbolizes his innocence, playfulness, and his connection with nature and animals.

Traditional food items

In traditional Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is also associated with other food items such as Poha (flattened rice), Kheer (rice pudding), and Chappan Bhog (a platter of 56 dedicated food items). These food items are considered to be auspicious and are offered as prasad (blessed food) in temples.

Rituals and celebrations

Rituals and celebrations related to Lord Krishna's favorite food include the festival of Janmashtami, which marks his birth. On this day, devotees prepare various dishes, especially butter-based sweets like Shrikhand (sweetened hung yogurt), Laddoo (sweet balls), and Peda (sweet milk-based fudge). These offerings are made to Lord Krishna, and after the ritual puja (prayer), they are distributed among devotees as Prasad.

Apart from Janmashtami, devotees also celebrate "Laddu Gopal" or "Annakoot" every year, where they prepare a pile of various food items as offerings to Lord Krishna which are arranged in the shape of a mountain. This is done as a gesture of gratitude and devotion.



As described in various scriptures and religious texts, Lord Krishna's favorite food is considered to be butter or "Makhan", especially freshly churned butter.

Lord Krishna's fondness for butter is deeply ingrained in Hindu mythology and is often highlighted in his childhood tales and depictions. This preference for butter symbolizes his love for simplicity, joy, and nurturing relationships, as he is commonly portrayed stealing butter from the homes of cowherds and Gopis (milkmaids).

The significance of Lord Krishna's favorite food extends beyond a mere culinary choice and serves as a reminder of his divine playfulness and his role as a protector and nurturer of his devotees.



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FAQs about Favorite Food of Lord Krishna

What food is offered to Krishna?

Vegetarian food, such as fruits, grains and dairy products, are usually offered to Krishna.

What is Krishna's favourite sweet?

Makkhan Mishri.

What is Krishna's favourite prasad?

'Makhan Mishri' or sugar mixed with butter.

What is the favourite fruit of Krishna?