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10 Simplest ways to Deal With Anger In a Peaceful Way at Work, in a Relationship

10 Ways to Deal with Anger Frustration – Easily and Quickly

How To Overcome Anger: My dear friends, in today’s article; I will tell you about how to control anger. There I have try to explaining here that anger is not actually our strength, it's a fear of our mind. If you have any query than must comment below and share your valuable feedback.

10 Simplest ways to Deal With Anger In a Peaceful Way at Work, in a Relationship
10 simple tips to deal with anger

How can we avoid anger? | How to Deal with Anger in a Positive Way

There is no need to avoid an anger, it is just that if we think anger is an entity, Anger is not an entity we become angry. If we become angry, anger is not sitting somewhere and we go hit it. There is no such thing that we become angry. When we become angry, is it pleasant for us, or unpleasant for us? Obviously that is unpleasant for us, Unpleasant surely for others and unpleasant for our self also.

For an Example, think if we are driving on the streets of our city, we have to avoid the medians which are placed in odd places, we have to avoid bad drivers, we have to avoid drunken men crossing the street, children crossing the street, all kinds of things. But when we’re driving on street of our city, do we have to avoid the moon? No! Because the moon is not on the street. So, similarly, right now, are you angry? No? Then why should you avoid it? 

Today, medical science proves to that when we are angry; we are actually poisoning our system. We’ve always known this, but today chemical tests clearly show us that we are actually poisoning our system generating poison in the system by being angry. So, why would we want to poison ourselves? It is not a conscious act. 

We’re poisoning our self; we are causing unpleasantness to our self, only because our mind is not taking instructions from us. If it was taking instructions from us, we would have said blissfulness. We wouldn’t say anger. But now when you want to be peaceful, it is getting angry because it is not taking instructions from you. So if our mind is not taking instructions from us, we have to pay a little more attention to it.


Why Our Mind is not taking Instructions from Us?

If we understand this that we don’t have to avoid anger, because anger is not sitting there and getting at us, we are becoming angry, we are becoming unhappy and we are becoming miserable. These things are happening to us essentially because we have not done anything to take our faculties under our control. It is happening accidentally. Just by chance. 

If outside situations are good, we are also good. If outside situations are bad, we are also bad. That is not how human life should be, Human life should be like this that If I am good, everything around me becomes good. This should be the reality. Right now, if things around us are whichever way, we will become that way. No, here is Human consciousness should create situations. Right now situations are creating human consciousness. That is not the right way to shape human life.

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Why Do We Get Angry?

The question here when we are angry is depends on who is the victim? Suppose that when we are angry with our mother, we behave one way, when we are angry with our friend than another way and when we are angry with our professor than here is completely different way to dealt with him/her. Yes or no? So, who is our victim right now? Accordingly, we should do.


How to deal with deep rooted anger?

Around us so many people will do so many things that we don’t like. Yes or no? So many things are happening in our living place; things that we don’t like are everyday happening. But at least within us, only what we want should happen within this.

I cannot decide that only what I want should happen with you, but I can definitely decide only what I want must happen within me. If we could decide only what we want should happen within us, would we choose anger or joy? What’s our choice? Obviously we choose Joy. 

Others should not be the leading lights of our life. Our thoughts, our emotions, our body must happen the way we want. If somebody else can decide what should happen within us, this is ultimate slavery. What happens around us maybe we can decide, but nobody should decide except our self what happens within us. If we decide that we would keep this in the highest state of pleasantness for sure; we wouldn’t be battling with anger. It’s not just about anger - fear, stress, tension, don’t address them separately.


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10 effective tips to deal with anger and frustration at work, in a relationship

We all tend to get frustrated or anger when we’re faced with challenges or an outcome we expect just doesn’t happen. There are so many things that can cause frustration! But don’t worry here is the solution available, follow the simple 10 steps below mentioned and free from anger:

1). Breathe Relaxed:

Regulated breathing changes the chemistry of the brain so activity is dominated by the thoughtful neo cortex, rather than the fight. Conscious, focused breathing can help us to avoid impulsive actions or rash words. Before we act out in anger or frustration, pause and take a deep breath. Count to four slowly as you breathe in, then count to four again as you breathes out. Repeat this breathing exercise until you feel calm.


2). Change Your Perspective:

Try to view frustration as "delayed success" rather than "failure". How we frame our situation will change our reaction and emotions. If we see our situation as a setback that we will overcome, we’re more likely to know that we can defeat our frustration.


3). Talk to a Friend:

It’s always good to talk to someone about anything that's bothering us. Well, maybe not anything but, the point there is to be able to share bottled up feelings with someone, instead of just repressing our emotions. Even if a problem seems obvious, discussing it with someone will give you fresh insight and may even help us discover hidden issues such as low self-esteem or specific anxieties.


4). Journal Write down your successes and failures:

Keeping track of our successes can be motivating and similarly keeping track of activities that our feels are limiting us, it can be helpful as well. By this way, we can have a check and balance as to what worked for us and what didn’t.


5). Accept Reality:

We always need to check your own reality. If we have done everything within our power to accomplish something and it still doesn’t work out than we should try to accept it, as it is.


6). Improving self-care:

Treat ours elf frustration can build up tension and anxiety, which can have detrimental effects on our mood, sleep cycle, and general body chemistry. By improving our self-care, especially care for our body that you can relax and let go of the feelings that were stirred up by frustration. Instead of fuming and blowing up on someone, take a soothing bath, go for a walk, or read something. These activities can help change your body chemistry from alarmed to calm and focused.


7). Exercise:

Physical activity can relieve tension and stress caused by frustration, especially if we exercise in a natural environment. If we are not used to exercising regularly than take it slow, so you feel refreshed not exhausted. If you aren't able to take an exercise break while working on a frustrating task than take a shorter break to practice deep breathing or meditation instead or do yoga daily for at least half an hour.


8). Stop Blaming Yourself:

Maybe the cause of our frustration is something of our own doing. But blaming our self will only put us in a negative state of mind, which will do more harm than good. So try to find solutions rather than blame our self endlessly.


9). Be around Optimistic People:

It’s always a good thing to hang around people who are optimistic; we can get energy from them as well as advice. Perhaps they’ve encountered similar situations like ours and they can cheer you up.


10). Try To Be Positive:

Try to think of past times we had difficulties and yet managed to get through them. Remind our self that this too will pass it always does, so count our blessings and see where we’ve triumphed in the past. A positive attitude can help to get through this as well! See we all have rough patches and get frustrated from time to time, As long as we work towards our goals and dreams. We will encounter some sort of frustration, it’s inevitable. But remember, how we deal with it is the important part.



Hope this article will helpful to overcome an anger and frustration problem, and if you wants to help others than never forget to share this article with them. And of course How do you handle frustration and anger? Do share with us in the comments below! If you like this article than LIKE and SHARE & Comment below. It’s really helps us out. And if you want to see more articles from us, hit the SUBSCRIBE button to stay up-to-date.


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