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General Knowledge Questions with Answers

General Knowledge

General Knowledge Questions with Answers, GK, Quiz,
GK Questions with Answers

General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Q - Which line separates the North and South islands of New Zealand?

Answer: Cook Strait


Q - In which city is Doge’s Palace?

Answer: Venice


Q - Who is Johnny Depp's uncle in the 1993 Arizona Dream film?

Answer: Jim Carrey


Q - Which New Zealand golfer won the 2000 Australian Masters in Melbourne?

Answer: Michael Campbell


Q - Which continent has the largest area of ​​the world: Africa or North America?

Answer: Africa


Q - Aston, Rizzo, Stevenson, Gilvear: which team in the 1980s?

Answer: Gene Loves Jezebel


Q - What name is given to the art of repairing, inserting and inserting animal skins to make life-like models?

Answer: Taxidermy


Q - Which artist was selected as the court painter for Charles IV of Spain in 1786?

Answer: Goya


Q - What Roman name means “shining father” in Latin?

Answer: Jupiter


Q - What is the name of the dog in the Punch and Judy shows?

Answer: Toby


Q - What was the name of the Addams Family butler?

Answer: Lurch


Q - What is the theoretical temperature associated with subtracting 273.1 degrees from the Celsius scale?

Answer: Whole egg

Q - Which seven-player soccer game is played in the swimming pool?

Answer: Water polo


Q - What Roman Catholic organization has its name derived from the Latin for ‘work of God’?

Answer: Opus Dei


Q - Bamboozled is the film of any US opposition director?

Answer: Spike Lee


Q - What is the meaning of the word “born again” that describes the period in which European history began in the 14th century?

Answer: Renewal

Q - Who directed the 1995 film Heat, starring Al Pacino?

Answer: Michael Mann


Q - Which region of France overseas in South America is Cayenne the capital?

Answer: French Guiana


Q - In what year did David Koresh and the Davidic Christian sect besiege Waco, Texas?

Answer: 1993


Q - Which rock star was born Marvin Lee Aday?

Answer: Bread of Flesh


Q - Who are the veteran actors of the 2000 film Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner?

Answer: Space Cowboys


Q - Which planet is Pebeebe satellite?

Answer: Saturn


Q - How many counters for each player in a backgammon game?

Answer: 15


Q - Who wrote Birds of Thorns?

Answer: Colleen McCullough


Q - Who wrote Call of the Wild and White Fang?

Answer: Jack London


Q - Which Caribbean country, Montego Bay, is the largest tourist destination?

Answer: Jamaica


Q - Who wrote David Copperfield?

Answer: Charles Dickens


Q - In medicine, what name is given to a state of deep ignorance where the subject does not open?

Answer: Coma


Q - What about the quiet, deforested plains of Argentina?

Answer: Pampas

Q - Which Atlantic harbor, between northern Spain and western France, is known for its oceans and high tides?

Answer: The Bay of Biscay


Q - What was the first British film that grossed over $ 100 million in the American box office?

Answer: Notting Hill


Q - What name is given to members of the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus?

Answer: Jesuits


Q - What is the name of the animal that the Aboriginal word means 'no water'?

Answer: Koala


Q - What animal has bigger eyes than any other living creature?

Answer: The horse


Q - Which founder of Protestantism arose before the Diet of Worms in 1521?

Answer: Martin Luther


Q - Which African ruler won the Cardiff City Freedom at the 1998 event?

Answer: Nelson Mandela


Q - Which French chemist and microbiologist developed anthrax and rabies vaccines?

Answer: Louis Pasteur


Q - What revolutionary song was the Soviet national anthem until 1944?

Answer: Internationale


Q - What is the name given to a licensed dealer in the protection of personal property?

Answer: Pawnbroker


Q - In which US city is Wrigley Building located?

Answer: Chicago


Q - What nationality was the 14/15th century astronomer Tycho Brahe?

Answer: Danish


Q - What initially did the British architect William Williamletlet, in his 1907 pamphlet, Waste of Daylight?

Answer: Daylight Saving Time (setting clocks back and forth)


Q - At what point in world history did most of the dinosaurs disappear?

Answer: Triassic


Q - In which American country is the Mojave Desert?

Answer: California


Q - Which MI5 official ever wrote Spycatcher?

Answer: Peter Wright


Q - In which city did the anointing of many French kings take place in the Marne region of France?

Answer: Rheims


Q - In which country is the Val Gardena ski resort?

Answer: Italy


Q - Who wrote the opera La Boheme?

Answer: Puccini

Q - What pop group did the 1960s pop party Michael Nesmith associate with?

Answer: Monkeys


Q - Who became famous for On the Banks of the Ohio in 1971 and Hopelessly Devided to You in 1978?

Answer: Olivia Newton John


Q - Which Canadian artist recorded the album Blue and Miles of Aisles?

Answer: Joni Mitchell


Q - Which device in the jet engine offers the most focus on a flying or high-flying aircraft?

Answer: Afterburner


Q - Which of Dante's most famous poems begins on Good Friday in the 1300's?

Answer: Divine Comedy


Q - Which German car manufacturer was founded in 1937 to produce a ‘human car’?

Answer: Volkswagen


Q - River Tamar forms a landmark border between two English territories?

Answer: Devon and Cornwall


Q - Which fish smokes and is sold as finnan haddie?

Answer: Haddock


Q - What is corium?

Answer: The inner layer of the skin


Q - Which tree is known in Australia as ‘twang’?

Answer: Opium


Q - What is the meaning of the phrase ‘rhinoceros’?

Answer: Nose


Q - In which of Shakespeare's characters does Beatrice appear?

Answer: Too Much Ado About Nothing


Q - 'Bitser' is the Australian name for that animal?

Answer: Mongrel dog


Q - Who succeeded Yuri Andropov as leader of the Soviet Union in 1984?

Answer: Konstantin Chernenko


Q - What Italian Car Company is the Agnelli family associated with?

Answer: Fiat


Q - Which English actress and former prince of Elizabeth I was assassinated in 1618?

Answer: Sir Walter Raleigh


Q - What country is the Rottweiler from?

Answer: Germany


Q - Who wrote the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family?

Answer: Alex Haley


Q - At what place of the moon did Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins arrive on July 20, 1969?

Answer: Sea of ​​Peace


Q - What is the most common name given to a Taxus tree?

Answer: Yew


Q - What kind of gambling is allowed in the British army?

Answer: Bingo


Q - Who wrote the high expectations?

Answer: Charles Dickens


Q - What is a champignon?

Answer: Edible mold


Q - In which country is the headquarters of the international company Nestlé?

Answer: Switzerland

Q - In which Shakespeare play did Elbow and Mistress Overdone appear?

Answer: Measure the Average


Q - What name is given to a Hindu prince who is superior to rajah?

Answer: Maharajah


Q - Which English poet wrote to the Audience?

Answer: Walter de la Mare


Q - What name is given to the process of removing waste from the blood?

Answer: Dialysis


Q - Which Russian gave his name the famous AK 7 rifle?

Answer: Kalashnikov


Q - What is Pashmina?

Answer: Type of shawl


Q - What kind of creature fulmar?

Answer: Bird


Q - Whose tomb was discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in 1922?

Answer: Tutankhamen


Q - Who was born the son of a cultural leader in Braunau, Upper Austria, in 1889?

Answer: Adolf Hitler


Q - Who was the first president of the United States of America?

Answer: George Washington


Q - Who was the youngest member of the Beatles?

Answer: George Harrison


Q - What does a hippologist study teach?

Answer: Horses


Q - What cartoon bird did Walter Lantz make?

Answer: Woody Woodpecker


Q - Which Swiss city was the headquarters of the United Nations?

Answer: Geneva


Q - Who set the world record of 10.2 seconds in the 100-meter dash on June 20, 1936?

Answer: Jesse Owens


Q - Who wrote the novel The Fourth Protocol?

Answer: Frederick Forsyth


Q - Whites is the island of Whit Sunday off the coast of which province of Australia?

Answer: Queensland


Q - Which prophet led the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land?

Answer: Moses


Q - What is the capital of Indonesia?

Answer: Jakarta


Q - In what country is the harbor of Jaffna?

Answer: Sri Lanka


Q - Who was the first woman to hold a seat in the British parliament?

Answer: Lady Nancy Astor


Q - What is the northwest of the North American Five Great North Americans?

Answer: High Lake


Q - In what country was ice cream first produced in the 17th century?

Answer: Italy


Q - The hussar was a bright horse rider from which country?

Answer: Hungary

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