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General Knowledge Questions with Answers

General Knowledge

General Knowledge Questions with Answers, GK, Quiz
GK Questions with Answers

General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Q - Which city is nicknamed little Paris?

Answer: Bucharest

Q - Which is the largest volcano in the world?

Answer: Mount Lao

Q - Lemons contain which acid?

Answer: Citric acid

Q - How many bones does an adult human have?

Answer: 206 bones

Q - On whose memory Nobel Prize is awarded?

Answer: Alfred Nobel

Q - What is the Gland that secretes Insulin?

Answer: Pancreas

Q - A tsunami is a word in which language?

Answer: Japanese

Q - What do tadpoles turn into?

Answer: Frogs

Q - What is the capital of America?

Answer: Washington, D.C.

Q - What is the liquid that flows from a volcano?

Answer: Lava

Q - What is the largest cat in the world?

Answer: Tiger

Q - What is the largest internal organ in the human body?

Answer: Liver

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Q - How many countries are there in Africa?

Answer: 54

Q - What is the largest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Jupiter

Q - What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain?

Answer: Cerebrum

Q - What is the official residence of the President of the United States?

Answer: The White House

Q - What is the smallest ocean in the world?

Answer: Arctic

Q - What is the nearest planet to the sun?

Answer: Mercury

Q - What is the third planet from the sun?

Answer: Earth

Q - What city is nicknamed "The peace Capital"?

Answer: Geneva

Q - Which bird has the largest wingspan?

Answer: Albatross

Q - Who is the inventor of the electric Bulb?

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison

Q - Which sport is played with a shuttlecock?

Answer: Badminton

Q - Who was the first man to space?

Answer: Yuri Gagarin

Q - How many days are there in a leap year?

Answer: 366 days

Q - What do you call a house made of ice?

Answer: Igloo

Q - What is the capital city of India?

Answer: New Delhi

Q - What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen

Q - Which country gifted The Statue of Liberty to the United States?

Answer: France

Q - What is the biggest country in Oceania?

Answer: Australia

Q - What is the biggest country in Africa?

Answer: Algeria

Q - What are female elephants called?

Answer: Cows

Q - Which is the longest river in Europe?

Answer: Volga

Q - Which place is known as the roof of the world?

Answer: Tibet

Q - Which is the biggest bird in the world?

Answer: Ostrich

Q - How many chambers does a normal human heart have?

Answer: Four

Q - How many sides does a hexagon have?

Answer: 6

Q - Which is the first element on the periodic table of elements?

Answer: Hydrogen

Q - What is the main gas found in Biogas?

Answer: Methane

Q - Who discovered neutron?

Answer: James Chadwick

Q - What is the name of our galaxy?

Answer: Milky

Q - What is the national game of the USA?

Answer: Baseball

Q - What is the study of the Universe known as?

Answer: Cosmology

Q - Which is the largest bone in the human body?

Answer: Femur

Q - What is the full form of WWW?

Answer: World Wide Web


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