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Why are questions arising on online education platforms like Byju's?

Why are questions arising on online education platforms like BYJU's?

Questions arising on online education, Byju's

Why do people hate BYJU?

Online education platform Byju's achieved new heights during the Corona period, with the closure of schools; several lakh new subscribers were added to its user base. But there have been many complaints against it regarding sales techniques and the issue of getting employees to work in a pressurized environment.

In this progress of Byju's, many allegations have also come up against it, Byju's has denied all these allegations. The anger of many parents towards Byju's has been increasing; dissatisfaction among some of their customers is also increasing.

List of allegations against BYJU's:

Have trouble getting a refund

Salespersons are selling expensive courses to the parents.

Once you become a customer of Byju's, customer support is not available properly.


What is BYJU's Controversy? | Why is BYJU's criticized?

Even though it has got positive reviews in online forums, even though parents have given good ratings but there have been hundreds of complaints from customers. Byju's has denied all allegations, but there have been at least three cases in consumer courts that have ordered Byju's to pay damages for delays in getting refunds and lack of customer service.

Byju's states that his company has a zero-tolerance policy for any misconduct and any manipulation, he also says that his company is constantly growing and he welcomes any kind of feedback that can improve his services. Help to improve.

The company also mentioned that the renewal rate for their programs is around 85% and there are no questions asked 15-day refund policy for any product and anytime refund policy for the service.

Education in India is considered to be a returned method of social and economic way; here in India, parents do not shy away from putting everything at stake to educate their children, in such a society, the complaint against Byju's matters more.

Till now the government has not taken any step in this direction, but many people are engaged in this campaign to fix the accountability of online education companies.



If we have an opinion, then it will be said that at least do business with education, the field of education should be kept away from any kind of politics and business. Everyone has an equal right to education and it should be given equally to all. Million-$-Knowledge is also engaged in making this effort worthwhile, that no one should trade knowledge and everyone should get the knowledge free of cost.


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