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Buddha Short Story – How to Take Correct Decisions in Life

How to Take Correct Decisions in Life

Buddha Short Story – How to Solve Confusion in Life
How to Take Correct Decisions in Life

Remove Your Confusions by Read This Story:

Once upon a time, new energy was spread around in the Indian forests. There was a different kind of peace. And among this peace, Lord Buddha was preaching to his disciples. Gautama Buddha sat with a handkerchief in his hand, during preaching.

He put some knots in that napkin and later asked his disciples, is this napkin as it was before? A disciple replied, if seen from one side, it was a hand-kerchief earlier and still it is a hand-kerchief. If looking at it from the other side, there was not a single knot in it earlier and now there are many knots in it. Buddha said, right answer, disciple.

Now tell me, if I will pull this hand-kerchief from both sides, will this knot open? The disciple replied, No Buddha, this knot will not open but it will become even stronger and smaller. And because of this, it will become even more difficult to open them.

Buddha asked; now tell me how can I open these knots? The disciple said, "To open these knots, first of all, one has to know How knots are engaged." Because until it is not known how these knots are engaged, it is a bit difficult to open them properly. The Buddha said, Correct answer disciple.

Then Buddha replied to him that our life is also like this napkin. There are problems like these knots, which are very easy to solve only once if we know how it was engaged. We try to solve those problems, but instead of getting the solution to the problems, we get more entangled. And we do not know what to do? In such a time, we must remain calm and see how this problem has arisen and what the root cause of it is. And once we find out the cause of the problem, we do not require more time to solve that problem completely.

Knowing the reason, the problem does not dominate us and we can easily fix that problem without any mental pressure. Therefore, it is important in our life that whenever a problem comes and if it is very difficult to fix, at that time we need to know the root cause of that problem.



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