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Ibnul Arabi (Ibn al Arabi) Biography

Ibnul Arabi (Ibn al Arabi) Biography

Ibnul Arabi (Ibn-al-Arabi) Biography
Ibn-al-Arabi Biography


Friends, today's article is about Ibnul Arabi or Ibn al Arabi, an important and spiritual figure shown in the Ertugrul Ghazi drama serial. Do we know from the study of history who he was? What role he played in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, and what was the relationship of Ertugrul Ghazi with him.


Who was Ibnul Arabi (Ibn al Arabi)?

Ibn al Arabi Real name in history was Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ali. He was renowned by the name Al-Sheikh al-Akbar Muḥyuddin Ibn Arabi. His date of birth is stated in 1165 CE in Murcia, a city in Spain.

In history, the old name of Spain was Andalusia which was conquered in 711 CE by the Muslim conqueror Tariq bin Ziyad. The Muslims ruled Spain with great splendour for about seven hundred and eighty years until 1492 AD.

Ibn al Arabi was born in Andalusia, he belonged to the Arab tribe. Ibn al Arabi was a great Sufi mystic, poet, and philosopher. He rendered extraordinary services to the Islamic world, and he moved to Seville along with his family in 1172 CE. This was the place where Ibn al Arabi spent 30 years of his life and received his early religious education. He traveled the whole of Spain and Africa in search of great mystic masters to gain knowledge.

At the same time, he was meeting with Ibn al-Rashid, a great philosopher. This is the time when he dedicated his life to Islam and later migrated to Morocco In 1198 CE. Ibn al Arabi left Morocco and started his tour towards the East. First of all, he began his pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) in 1201 CE. 

Ibn al Arabi spent almost three years in Mecca after that he moved to Egypt, and then to Anatolia where he met with Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi in Konya. Al-Qunawi became his successor in the East In the same way, after visiting Baghdad and Aleppo, Ibn Arabi reached Damascus and a long pilgrimage came to an end in 1223 CE.

After that, he spent his remaining life in Damascus while teaching and writing. At that time, his fame had spread throughout the Islamic world. Ibn Arabi died in 1240 CE and was buried in Damascus, Syria.


Was Ibn al Arabi Ever Met with Ertugrul Ghazi?

Now the question is whether Ibn al-Arabi was ever meet Ertugrul Ghazi? If we explore the history of Ibn Arabi, it becomes very unlikely that he met with Ertugrul Ghazi, because Ibn Arabi had settled in Damascus in 1223 AD, while Ertugrul was migrating from Khorezm to Anatolia at that time. Ertugrul Ghazi's father died in 1236 after drowning in the Euphrates River. After which his tribe was divided and Ertugrul became the chief of his tribe.

As I already mentioned, Ṣadr al-Din al-Qunawi was an important successor of Ibn al Arabi, thus it seems Ibn Arabi predicted about the new empire. He also talked about a young man who will establish an empire which will last for centuries and also will fulfill the hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) about the conquest of Constantinople That's become the reason, the Ottoman Empire saw themselves inherited by the opening revelations of the Sheikh-Al-Akbar Ibn Arabi and they also adopted his teachings and orders.



Friends, Above all information collected from many places, after reading and hearing about Ibn al Arabi, some of them I write them here, which I hope helpful to you know about Ibn al Arabi's life story. More about Ertugrul Ghazi and Ottoman Empire will publish very soon. If you like an article then comments below and follow us on a social media platform. Thank You!


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