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How To Grow Business on Pinterest For Free?

Hello friends, today you will get all the information about Pinterest here, like what is Pinterest? How does Pinterest work? Is Pinterest free or paid? Why do people use it? What is its use in business? How can Pinterest help business grow? and many more. It is my promise that after reading this article all your doubts related to Pinterest will be cleared.


How to improve Pinterest marketing to promote business
How to improve Pinterest marketing to promote business

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an American photo sharing and social media service designed to enable the storage and access of information online using images and to a lesser extent, GIFs and animated videos, in the form of pin boards. 

Pinterest is mainly two types, 1.Personal Account, and 2.Business Account. Like Pinterest personal account, they are also published Pinterest business account. This is the best platform to aware your business or website to customers or viewers.

By using of Pinterest business account you can be increasing your audience within less time but there have few conditions that you must follow. Did you know that Pinterest can drive to your website thousands of page views of free organic traffic primarily from the United States? Yes this is true that Pinterest has more than 1 billion traffic monthly and above 40% of traffic is comes from USA. We will discuss briefly about it later in this article.


How to use Pinterest for business?

It is very easy to post on the Pinterest business account because Pinterest doesn't try to keep users all the time inside their platform to the contrary. Pinterest lets you add links to your website from every image you publish on your boards. 

If you know anything about another very popular social network, like Instagram there you can only have one link from your profile and stories. Stories don't last more than 24hours so if you want to get some traffic from Instagram you have to hustle every day and publish new stories.

Pinterest is such a great platform to promote your business because you are investing your time in long-term success, each pin you saved on the platform has a chance to go viral. But not only that it can also be found on Pinterest months and sometimes even years after you publish the pin and they can be found in Pinterest search results. 

The other reason I have to mention here is that Pinterest could be the best option for a lot of businesses. And people who are not ready to put themselves out there in other formats like if you don't want to make videos because let's face it, it is hundred times easier and faster to create an image for Pinterest than a video for YouTube.


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Why do people use Pinterest?

If you don't see yourself making videos or Instagram stories every day just to get some likes and a few clicks to your website and perhaps Pinterest. This is something in between social media and the search engine because Pinterest is the best place to get traffic from after Google. 

I have to tell you that Google as much as I love Google traffic is a tough nut to crack you will not get a ton of organic traffic from Google in the first year or even two of building your website, you will need a lot of time and effort building backlinks. On Pinterest, you can start getting a decent amount of traffic right away literally from the first second month.

If you know a little bit about me, I started my website for providing free knowledge and update everyone about facts which some has providing paid services in their seminars. I also share my thoughts and articles on a Pinterest business account. Through the experience of the Pinterest business account, I first gained on this platform running traffic to my website. 

Lots of other bloggers or website owners even complete beginners a leveraging Pinterest traffic. Because you can get traction on this platform so much faster than on Google. Pinterest wears grateful bloggers because it drives most of the traffic from the United States and it helps to make more money for thousands of visitors to your website. 

It also means that whatever your business is even if you are far from the blogging world you can leverage Pinterest audience. That is so highly valued by ad networks because of their buyer intent and high average household income.


Which business owners should use a Pinterest business account? | Which businesses are suitable for a Pinterest business account

Every possible niche on earth is a good fit for Pinterest. If you have a local car rental business then I think the best place for you is Google because people will not look for this type of service on Pinterest. But let me show you some of the niches that are very popular on Pinterest. If you have a Pinterest business account you can check this data and all these details for yourself too.

You will need to go to audience insights over here and then from audience insights, you will click on all Pinterest users. These are the top niches that you're seeing here for the entire platform. Go Through the Pinterest website and looking now at all Pinterest users. Here we see the top categories and on the right side, there are some subcategories or some topics inside. In each of the categories we're looking at home décor as the biggest niche on Pinterest and then inside of it, you have home accessories room décor home accents wall, etc.

All of this it's a very long list, obviously it doesn't mean that you have to target only the home décor niche if you scroll down a little bit here you'll see that you have entertainment education art women's fashion food and drinks event planning beauty quotes travel gardening weddings, etc. So you need to find your niche and if it's somewhere on this list then chances are that you will get success on Pinterest.


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Who uses Pinterest the most?

Another very interesting thing we can learn here is from audience insights on Pinterest. That have mostly a female audience about 70% of all Pinterest users are women. We can see here that the majority of the users are on mobile devices. 

This is important or either they're on iPhone or Android but the majorities are on mobile devices. And only 24% are on the web right but the web means that they're using a desktop computer. Now we are looking at the locations the biggest locations are Los Angeles New York, Chicago, etc. So we are looking mostly at the United States audience.


Pinterest Business Account for Bloggers | What are the steps to use Pinterest for traffic on blog?

Because that's the biggest struggle of e-commerce that they don't understand how to create images. That will drive clicks from Pinterest, so this is not the best example. Because it's a square image the only text overlay of the image is the text that we have on the mug itself. It would also help if they explained what they're trying to sell on Pinterest. The title of this product pane is almost the same as the title of the product on their site and they have a little bit of description on the right side. 

When people are looking for gift ideas or something related to holidays they always go to Pinterest and save these ideas to their boards and then they buy from them but you don't have to be a huge equal giant like Amazon or like the Zazzle website to succeed on Pinterest. You can have a pretty small family business like an e-commerce site like this one we're seeing here the photo of the owners. I'm pretty sure they're getting a lot of traffic to the website. Playing around the trending topics on Pinterest helps them drive a lot more traffic.

I wanted to note here that bloggers and websites owners that are making money with advertising model which implies that they're creating a lot of content. I could find successful examples basically in any niche I get a lot of questions actually from people in the travel niche. 

From travel bloggers, they are not sure that this niche can be successful on Pinterest. This is just one of the examples I found for you to show that you can have a lot of success on Pinterest. With almost any niche if you have a blog or a website that is constantly producing new content. But I'm not trying to say that you must have a huge informational website to get traffic form Pinterest. you can be a personal development coach and you can still drive and just enough traffic form Pinterest.


More Preferred Niches for Pinterest Business Account

If you're promoting events for example that are happening only once on a specific date and place like concerts then Pinterest is not going to help you much. Because as a search engine it will take time to index your new pins and to start ranking them so by the time. When you can get traffic from your pins the event will probably be history and you will not need the traffic anymore. 

Anything that is heavily targeting a male audience and would not be interesting for women will also travel on Pinterest. Because we saw it about 70% of all users on this platform are women. If you're selling some items that could be interpreted as gifts for men for husbands', boyfriends, fathers and sons then you could probably get a little more traffic during the holiday season.

Women would be planning on Pinterest some gifts ideas for their family but in general, it is harder to promote content and products, they're targeting men on Pinterest.


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How to Get More Clicks on Pinterest? | How to improve Pinterest marketing?

When you are creating a Pinterest business account then you should remember that how to treat it. You have some of your personal boards on your account. What should you write in the profile description these are the questions that are probably in your head. If you're just a beginner on Pinterest as a business, so I would say it this way the main goal of your Pinterest profile is to give people a quick idea of what your account is about. 

When you use Pinterest for a business you need to speak about that business and use the keywords. Which could help your profile be found on the platform, don't save anything for your personal use on a business account. Especially on your public boards because it's going to confuse the algorithm. So ideally you should have a separate personal account on Pinterest if you want to use it for yourself. 

But if you hate the idea of switching between the accounts then you could create secret boards. Even the boards that you already have if you made this mistake; you created a public board for personal use, you can always click on the board edit board and then change the setting of disability. Keep it secret so it will not be indexed and you will not get in trouble with the Pinterest algorithm

The next step would be verification of your domain on Pinterest and it will work a bit differently depending on the type of platform. To verify your website, you will go to settings in your profile. Edit settings then you have to click to claim and you can add a Meta tag to the website, which usually is the easiest way to verify your ownership of the website. You just need to add it to the head section of your site. It's also available to do this through HTML file uploading.

You can see that your business account on Pinterest has lots of other possible integrations with social media platforms. They can help you to claim your YouTube account and your Instagram account. It's very easy, you just need to click on the button claim and you have to be logged in to either its YouTube or your Instagram account. That will be done in no time like a few clicks and you're done with it. 

The same applies to your Etsy shop it's very easy to work similarly as it is with Instagram and YouTube. You have just click a couple of buttons and you will be all verified on Pinterest with your store. 

Once you have a Pinterest business account you will see all these analytics on your site as well. The main thing I recommend everyone to focus on here is how many clicks you get from Pinterest; so this is where you will filter just battling clicks that is the most important matrix.



I just wanted to show you today the real potential Pinterest has for so many businesses and different niches. So, that you can get inspired and then take it to the next level. Learn all the technical staff of building cured optimized boards of targeting the right keywords in European titles or descriptions of making your pins click-worthy. If you like an article then must share it on your social media platform so; others can also get the benefit of it.


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