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Why Monsoon is Best for Ayurvedic Health Treatment? Panchakarma Treatment Conditions

Why Monsoon is Best for Ayurvedic Treatment | Ayurveda Treatment in India

Why Monsoon is Best for Ayurvedic Treatment? Panchakarma Treatment Conditions

Why Monsoon is Best for Ayurvedic Treatment in Indian culture

Traditionally speaking monsoon is the best season for Ayurvedic treatment because during this time it is seen that the body is at the most receptive status. It's all because during summer harsh ray of the sun it absorbs the moisture from nature and the same thing happens to the human body too.

It is most dehydrated the digestive status of our body is completely law, so the toxic settlement in the system is also found to be higher, then there is immunity also very law. Because of this law immunity, people are usually susceptible to various infectious diseases, or the epidemics that happen during monsoon. It would be the dengue, the chicken guinea, H1N1, and so on. Then how does Ayurveda treat?

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Ayurveda Treated Conditions | Panchakarma Treatment

Detoxifying the system, enhancing the digestive capacity, and then rejuvenating the body. There are various therapies available in Ayurveda like Panchakarma Therapies. It can include the Vamanam, Vivechanam, Nashya, Vashtikarma, and the Raktamoksham. Whichever is required based on the advice of the doctor, the karmas are performing and the bodies are detoxified for which digestion has improved.

During this phase usually, advised to take easily digestible food in a form of rice porridge or there is a specialized medicated porridge that is available during the season that is called the Karkidaka Kanji. This is also advised to improve digestion and keep the stomach or body at that level detoxified. After enhancing the digestive capacity next step is to rejuvenate the body.

If a person is suffering from any particular illness then that curative therapies can be adopted. If not certain rejuvenating therapies like the Abyandham Svedhanam, and also the Navarakizhi. These types of treatments are adopted to improve the condition and keep the person free of diseases for the coming next few months.



All these treatments are followed from 5000 years ago in India. Now foreigners are also coming to our places, in inquiry they understanding the unique method of prevention of Ayurveda during monsoon. If find something useful in this article then share it with your friends and family, and help them to solve health diseases by Ayurvedic treatment. Never forget to subscribe to our website for future updates.


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